Background noise/hum with microphone

hello, to everyone,
I’m a happy owner of the Aeros Looper, btw, I think that it needs more improvements yet, btw here my problem: when I plug the microphone in one of two input (as mono), I noticed an annoying buzz or noise.
I need a help to reduce it.
Thank you

This is likely being caused due to the unbalanced connections being used, there are devices that may help remove noise and hum

This could help:

You may also get better sound performance and less noise by using an isolated PSU power bank like the CS spot series

I already bought the Behringer, it seems doesn’t works.
Btw, do u mean to plug the behringer between the mic and the Aeros, eg: mic cable to behringer input>patch cable from the behringer output to the Aeros loop?
Quick question, do u think is it work if I plug my Microfreak into the aux audio?

Hi I’m sorry for the delayed response but I need more information, could you please explain the full set up?

I would place the behringer last after the Aeros output before it enters a Mixer or PA