Baker Street.

By Gerry Rafferty. I know this song has been posted before but a version with sax and all the other instruments would be awesome.


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Ha ha I just got around to trying this song out, It sounds great I love it. .Please correct me if i’m wrong but i felt that i had the need to quantize the song. I exported the sng to midi editor and quantized the whole thing to 32th.Is that normal?

Also Phil, i have a question for you.On the pedal itself , if and when i find a drum-kit that suits a song in a better way and I change it too the default drum kit on the pedal. To keep the changes that i’ve made on the pedal and want to import it to BB manager, do i import from pedal as a new project on BB Manager and that will keep the defaults drumkits from the pedal? ok hear from you soon. TC (take care):slight_smile:

The need to quantize would not be normal. The first version I posted definitely had some errors. The 1.1 version was acceptable, but I didn’t love the opening piano sequence. If quantizing fixed that, hallelujah! I think the original creator of the midi probably used a “humanize” function that went a little too far. I like the humanize in Logic Pro X because you can fine tune the range of variation. I use it on drum velocities now, regularly, to add a little bit of variance. I am not a big fan of using humanizing on timing, but I understand the concept. Still, if you ever heard Duke Ellington or Count Basie’s big bands live, you would of sworn those guys had they their heartbeats in sync.

Default drums - I don’t change defaults on the pedal. I do it all in BBM. When you change a kit in BBM, you then Save the project. When you then sync or export the project to the SD card, the new default drum kit should be there.

I never got to see either Duke Ellington or Count Basie’s bands but i’m sure they were exceptional raw talent that wasn’t modified by today’s electronic standards I’m sure. I understand the part about editing in bbm and transferring to sd card. I was in my studio and was just mucking about with drum options on the pedal and found some nice changes that i would like to keep.But everything seems to always sound good on bbm until i play it live, you know what i mean.Ah maybe it’s just me :cool:

Hey Phil. Greetings from Ottawa. Can you resurrect this gem if it has either bass or sax (or both!). Thx. Stay safe. Richard.