BB Drum Set for Logic Pro X



I spent a few hours messing around with my BeatBuddy setup today. I am a Mac user, but I happen to have an old netbook with a super small screen & a moody keyboard. I installed VNC on it, connected it to my BB and used my Mac to remote control my windows machine. Needless to say that the netbook doesn’t offer the performance needed to run a DAW.

I dragged a MIDI file into Logic X and edited it to my liking, then moved it back to my netbook via my network drive, then synced it with the BB. The process itself works, but is very inconvenient and most important - the drumset doesn’t sound the same as the BB. So in order to tweak the sounds, I’ll have to go back and forth between BB and Logic. I might be able to not make the detour via the netbook, network drive etc., but the cryptic file & folder names on the BB SD card don’t make it easier.

Here’s a suggestion that would allow a much better workflow: If there was a plugin (AU or VST) for DAWs that would include the drumkits of the BB (and allow the creation of new ones), I could just program the beats with my DAW, then save the parts as MIDI and sync them to my BB.

Right now, it’s really complicated and while I’ll finish the song I’m working on right now, I don’t think that I’ll do a 50 song set list.