BB Manager Malfunction!

I was building my Drum Kit using my wav samples and it’s was working perfectly and suddenly some wav files start appearing in red like they were missing also some of those who were not missing they didn’t preview the sound. Then I see that the memory space of the Drum Set decreased.

I restarted the BB Pedal also the BB manger and my computer too!
I rechecked the velocity everything also I have saved to Sd card and Project before this happen!!

I was carefully in removing the meta data of each sample and at the moment I saved the drum set was only at 97%! It was working on this afternoon!!
What should I do ? Erase the drum set and build again? How do I erase the drum set on the menu the “delete Drumset” is in gray (not available) ?

It’s happening on the other drum sets and also on the default sets!
How this can be possible?

Do you have any idea what is happening?
Should I restore my Default Content?

Glad you figured out how to create a post and hope you don’t mind that I deleted your duplicate post from the other thread.

I’ve never run across this problem before so I might not be offering you the best advice. The symptom of missing wav files seems to point to your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) not finding your files and folders where it expects them. By chance have you moved or deleted any folders within your bbworkspace folder? Have you moved the bbworkspace folder?

I would not restore the default content just yet until I figured out what I could have done to cause this problem.

I would make sure your BBM is still mapped to your bbworkspace folder.

  • Use the BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location to do that. As an example, the path to my current project is /Volumes/Mac HD/Other users/persist/Documents/ 3 - Project
  • If you find that your workspace location is not mapped within your bbworkspace folder, navigate to it from the Finder window and then press Open
  • Accept the prompt to set and change the path if it’s not within a path similar to mine. Here’s a screen shot of how my workspace location appears when I use Set Workspace Location.
  • Save your project and then quit the BBM.
  • Launch the BBM
  • Check that the wavs are present now in your Drumset Maker

If you still have the same symptoms, I probably don’t have any other suggestions for you. I’ve tagged @Phil_Flood (he’s the Drumset Maker guru) to see if he can provide better help than I have.

If you sort it out, would you please share with us what you did to solve the problem? If you still need more help, please let us know and we’ll guide you through the next steps—it’s a little more involved than just restoring the default content.

I already spoke with Phill!

Thanks for the help I followed the instructions and seems that everything is sorted!
Just need a last help for now with all of this confusion I think I erase by mistake the Latin Drum Set!
It’s possible to import just this Drum set again? And where this drum set is?
The Drum Sets on the Sd Card appers like this!?

Good to hear you sorted it out. You can download the Latin drum set from

That’s the normal appearance for drum sets within a project.

Hello Persist,

thank you for the help you are giving but after I download the Latin Drum Set which I erase by mistake I was exporting and saving to SD Card suddenly appears this message!
Am I doing something wrong?

Also my loops with other kits are in Grey they don’t play??
I am starting not understanding very well this software??
What I need to do?

Ifyou just go to the songs category they all are grey when they come up. After selecting one it becomes active (just click one on the right) and you can play it. You can also click on the little triangle (next to brazilian)to open the category and select a song.

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If you are exporting to the SD-card of your beatbuddy it maybe better to synchronize instead of exporting.
If everything in the BB manager is the way you want it, just synchonize project to the BB. The synchonize option is under “file” (in the upper left of the screen)

I’m not sure but it could be that you’re not exporting the project to the top level of your SD card but rather to a folder.

Here’s what I’d try:

  • Open the Drum Sets tab
  • Click the checkboxes for both the Latin and Studio Drummer Nando drum sets
  • BBM: Save Project
  • Quit the BBM
  • Launch BBM
  • Make sure your SD card is not locked
  • Put the SD card in your computer SD slot reader
  • Select all files on your SD card; press control-click and select Move to Trash from the contextual menu; empty the trash; NOTE: do not use Disk Utility to format the SD card
  • BBM: File > Export > Project to SD card; always export to the top level of the card and not to a folder on the card
  • Accept prompt for future synchronization

If this still doesn’t work, please send me a screen shot of the contents of your SD card

I am using Mac Synchronize its not available seems that its a bug that everybody knows!!
Any idea?

I don’t have slot reader on my iMac!? :confused:

I think there are now too many cooks in the kitchen :rofl:

I don’t understand?

You are saying to erase all the content of my Sd card?
And then when I export project everything will be there ?

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 12.56.38 PM
Synchronize Project in the Mac version of the BBM is grayed out because of a long-standing bug in the BBM.
Whenever you quit the BBM or restart your Mac, the Synchronize Project will be grayed out.
There are two workarounds: the first one is not so practical—don’t quit the BBM or restart your Mac; the second one requires that you Export Project to SD card instead of synchronizing.

Another issue that some—but not all—Mac users have found is that transferring data to the card using the pedal-USB-connection method may cause data loss. Not always, though. This is especially critical when doing a firmware update as it might cause your pedal to appear to have lost power. You can continue to use the USB connection method but at some point if you run into problems, you may want to buy and use an external USB slot reader.

Since I can only go by the screen shot of the error message, I don’t know what’s going wrong on your end and am trying to troubleshoot the issue and to provide you a solution.

Just make sure that when exporting the project to your SD card, that you export to the top level of your card and not within a folder on the card.

There’s no guarantee that this will work as there may have been another cause. Let me know and I’ll continue to try and help you until you get it fixed.

And I’m assuming that you are saving your project to your bbworkspace and not your SD card.

I am sorry Persist but I am not understanding very well what you are trying to say!
Can you make the things more easy?
Exporting to Sd Card like the last picture you send it gives the error message!
Please simply the steps that I should follow without losing the default contents and also what I already have created!
Here is a picture of what is inside my Sd Card!

Okay. I understand that English may not be your native tongue and I REALLY appreciate your extra effort to communicate in English as well as to provide the screen shots. They are helpful.

Here’s the problem. I think you are saving your project to your SD card and not to the bbworkspace on your computer.

Can you provide another screen shot? This time, you will click on the project name next to the Project Explorer

It will open a Finder window to your computer folder or to your SD card. Which one did it open?

Your SD card contents should look like this

Your computer folder should look like this and this is where you should be saving your project to but not to the SD card.