BB Manager now won't open and macOS recomends sending it to the trash

Haven’t had to do any editing with BB Manager for a while and when I went to open it up the following message popped up:
Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 5.20.02 PM

Any thoughts on what happened?

I just tried to open it, and having the same problem here!

Running Catalina 10.15.7 BTW

There are several threads on the forum addreasing this issue. Here’s one of them Mojave or Catalina: how to get the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) installed and working

And another good one: macOS BBManager error when opening - #28 by sg315er

Probably a key takeaway for Catalina users is to

  • Delete the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) app
  • Empty Trash
  • Install BBM app in Applications folder
  • Reboot the Mac
  • Launch BBM and if it opens, all is good but if not, use the ctrl-click method to get the Mac to recognize that you are authorizing the use of the BBM
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The delete/reinstall method worked.

The good news is all the files were still there. Now that’s confusing - if the app was deleted the files should have been too.

Unfortunately, folks that make great hardware are at the mercy of their software developers for their reputation. Presonus is a another example of some great hardware handicapped by its software.

One step forward…Two back.

Not necessarily. The app should be located in the Mac’s Applications folder and the data (bbworkspace folder) should be located in the Documents folder.

Glad it worked out for you.

after a few days I’m not able to open the BBManager again and the process above didn’t work.

The “get info” and “override malware” solution worked. That probably should be the go to fix for this problem but now the library is gone. I should be able to reload it from the sd card.

This is a lot of soup for a nickel!

After getting the beat buddy to open up and restoring the files, now the project won’t back up to the SD card. The error reads “Destination file already exists”.

Now what? Should I open an new project with the data from the SD card or is there a way I can export the contents of BBManager to the original card or another one?

I really don’t want to screw this up by making the wrong choice and the “Manual” being only a quick start guide doesn’t give any advise for this problem.

Your project should have been stored on your bbworkspace folder. When exporting your project to an SD card (which already has a project), you are being alerted to that fact; you’re also asked if you want to overwrite it. This is normal and you should select Yes.

For more detail, you can refer to Invalid file location - #12 by Jeremy1959

Thanks for the reply, Persist, but perhaps I didn’t explain the problem well enough. I know, because of programming issues, the BBManager will not automatically sync with sd cards on a Mac and that the card must be overwritten to accomplish this task. I’ve done it successfully many times before.

Unfortunately, after spending hours trying to get the program to open on a Mac, using the steps recommended on this forum, I get the “destination file already exists…” note. (see screenshot) I have tried clicking both skip and delete first and it just brings up another note with another file that already exists. It seems it doesn’t want to overwrite the files without checking each and every one. This didn’t happen until the multiple delete and re-installs I did to get the BBM working.

I have a gig coming up in a couple of days and need to get some file changes onto the card. Any help would be great.


I am assuming that your project in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) has your gig content and that it’s all complete—to include drum sets—and songs that are located in one or more folders, correct? If you are both satisfied and confident that this is the case, post #10 in the link I provided pretty much walks you through the steps you need to get the project that’s on your computer onto your SD card.

In a nutshell, you are going to select all the content on your SD card and delete (and then Empty Trash) the content you selected and then use the BBM to export the project to your SD card.

It would not hurt to use a new SD card to create a backup of your project. Make sure you set the foot switch settings on this card so that it’s gig-ready and that you test it to make sure everything’s hunky dory.

Since you’ve had so much trouble getting the BBM to work, there’s no telling what condition your bbworkspace folder (BBW) and contents are in so sometime after your gig is done, you might want to delete the entire BBW and reinstall a fresh copy of Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder. You then use the BBM to open the project on your SD card and save it to user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects

Thanks, again, Persist, but I’ve tried to download the BBM files to a new card (16 G Lexar professional) a few times already. I reformatted the card to make sure there wasn’t anything on it. I tried it with and without installing the folders recommended in the BBM guide. With the folders, I get the same message as with the old sd card. Without the folders, I get the attached message:

After checking the box to override malware protection the BBM finally loads like it first did. The BBM has to have the BBworkspace folder in order to load all of the files, but I can’t find it when I look in Documents or search using finder. I wonder if this is affecting the way BBM is acting.

Make sure your SD card is not locked. Also, what format did you apply to the card?

search for projects/user_lib

The Lexar Pro card is an SDXC type card and although you reformatted it, in order to use it instead of an SDHC, it has to be formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32).

When you get some time, buy 32Gb SDHC class 10 cards (Microcenter usually gives them away a couple of times a year—or you can order them from Amazon). They’re speedy and you’ll always have more than enough space.

I am Michael and I have two BBs. I just tried to open in my Mac and the same thing happened. I sure hope you get an answer and soon because I am fortunately working but, I am so very often creating new rhythms and they are constantly changing. I make general rhythms and special song rhythms. I need help and I am not a computer techy. My email is

I am starting to get a notion that the issue might have something to do with the Catalina system. I am wondering if we can just get a SD card which will contain the BBM on it so we can just trash what is in the Computer and install another one. I am just thinking.

The issue is caused by Singular Sound not notarizing their app.

Meanwhile follow the guidance in this post. If you are unable to get the BBM to launch, contact Support. When the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) doesn’t launch in macOS Catalina or Big Sur…

I had this problem for a while. The delete, empty trash and re-install worked for a while but the frequent deletes seems to have caused some other problems. The most lasting solution I found was: right click on the app and then select Override Malware Protection. (see attached image)

The app has opened reliably since I did this. Now on to fix some other issues.

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Hi All, Just want to say thanks to the forum for your advice on this problem. I sat up late into the night trying to figure it out, pretty devastated that my workhorse BBmanager was consigned to the naughty corner by Apple. I am very grateful for the solutions and advice provided. BTW- for me the delete and re-install didn’t work, but “bypass Malware” did work! However, the new app could not find all my project files, so I just used “Open Project” to locate them and I am back in business. Thanks again.