BB not reading SD Card

I put Songs etc on the SD card using Manager…and they played ok.
Put the card into the BB slot and it doesn’t find anything - not reading the card.

Any ideas?


Not entirely sure I understand your situation. Your project should be saved to the bbworkspace folder on your computer and the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) should read and play songs from that project on your computer. Since they play in the BBM, use the BBM File > Synchronize Project to SD card. If that menu item is grayed out, use File > Export > Project to SD card and accept the prompt for future synchronization. If I’m misunderstanding the issue, please provide some more detail.

If you look at the folders and files on the SD card, does it look similar to below? (Your BB project file ‘bbp’ will have a different name.)

OK - forget the BB Manager - that works fine…

Plug the card (with all the correct files ) into the BB and it’s not seen by either the BB or USB connection to the computer.
I’m beginning to think that the type of SD card is not compatible with Beat Buddy

Unless you formatted the card to something different than required (FAT-32) and if you’re using the card that came with the pedal, you should be okay. You can use a 4Gb up to a 32Gb class 10 card. New and fresh from the wrapper, they are properly formatted; make sure the card is not locked.

If using your computer Sd slot reader still does not see the SD card, you might have a defective card and you can try another one.

If none of this helps, you most likely have a computer issue that you’ll need to resolve. Are you using Windows or a Mac? To eliminate your computer as a possible source, try the card on a different computer or use an external USB SD card reader.

Once your computer recognizes the SD card:

  • Make sure you have the correct type of card
  • Correctly formatted
  • Card is not locked
  • Latest firmware is installed on the SD card

I had though that I couldn’t make it any clearer…

The SD card is Formatted to FAT 32, it works in the computer card reader and is recognised by BB Manager…everything is fine and dandy with the SD card.

Put the card into the BeatBuddy slot and a message comes up “NO SONG” although the card contains all the files which are on the original card, downloaded from Singular Sound.

Beat Buddy has the latest firmware installed - 3.6.0, and the card is not locked…

I have tried a number of SD cards all which produce the same result.

I think we’re making progress. The forum has a wealth of information and sometimes it’s a matter of just identifying the symptoms of what’s happening. In this case, it’s that your BeatBuddy pedal displays “NO SONG.”

If the solution at this link helps, please let us know: SOLUTION: "NO SONG" (error message)

If it doesn’t, contact Support,

I have tried all the suggested solutions. Fresh download of default Drums / Songs etc…

Even tried the update Hardware option in case the last update hadn’t been done correctly by the previous owner.
BeatBuddy didn’t read the SD card and start a HW update…

I don’t think the Card Reader in the BB is working correctly, although it does get as far as ‘NO SONG’ rather than ‘NO SD CARD’

Time to contact Support via e-mail. Jay is quite helpful.

OK will do, thanks

SOLVED ( Sort of… )
I have come to the conclusion that the problem is with the Card Reader in the Beat Buddy.
It’s as if the pins on the card don’t connect to the pins on the Card Reader.

With the card in the card slot, I have put a thin wedge in the slot to push the card away at the top and therefore in at the bottom inside the reader. It works…but really need a new I/O board with Card Reader/ Midi / Headphone Volume control. Easy to fit if I can find one…

If you got this a new unit, you should be under warranty. Support is very helpful with these types of situations. You should contact them to see about getting a replacement.

Not new Phil - from eBay for £60…at least it’s sort of working. Can’t complain at the price :slight_smile:

The was a good price, for sure! :slight_smile:

Maybe you can just affix a thin piece of cardboard to your SD card to keep it making contact.

Good idea… or a bit of plastic… I’m sure I’ll find something now I know what the problem is.
It took me ages, trying various SD cards only to find it something dead basic :slight_smile:
Cheers Phil


I have some vague recollection of a thread somewhere (possibly here) that described a problem of an SD card not reading or allowing it to latch in the slot. Evidently a piece of the SD card had broken off and lodged itself under or adjacent to the readers contacts. The owner of the gear was able to see it using a flashlight and get it out. Might be worth a look.

Guess what !!
I shone a torch inside the card reader and spotted a very small grey object right at the back.

Armed with a small screwdriver, I managed to hook the said object out. I looked like something broken off an SD card…possible part of the little slider on the side of a card.

Plugged a new card in, switched on and it burst into life.

Thanks for the suggestion MarkF48

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