SOLUTION: "NO SONG" (error message)

The error message “No Song” usually means that the content on the SD card needs to be replaced. In rare cases the files on the SD card are faulty or missing.

Please go to the following link: Download updated SD Card backup

Download the file called “SD CARD BACKUP”. Once downloaded to your desktop, unzip the file (if you can’t unzip it, you can download a program to unzip it at, delete the files that are currently on the SD card if there are any, and replace them with the unzipped files. You should the following on your SD card: the folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, SONGS, and the file HASH.BCF.

This should solve the issue. If it doesn’t, please email for further assistance.

Hey hey! Just found this … maybe it will help my issue!

Follow instructions from a 6 year old post and wiped out sd card and cant load a backup. I put it on the desktop and when I try to load it the screen goes back to the BBM and it has nothing in it.

Based on your post: (which I’m going to merge with Support’s thread)

  • did you delete the contents of your SD card or did you re-format it? If the latter, it should be formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32);
  • make sure SD card is unlocked and empty the Trash or Recycle Bin for the card;
  • use your computer SD slot reader—not the USB cable method to connect your pedal to your computer;
  • quit the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) remove or delete the bbworkspace folder from your computer;
  • download and unzip the backup bbworkspace (BBWORKSPACE FOLDER ) from Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder
  • drag the entire bbworkspace folder to your user/Documents
  • open the BBM and use the menu File - Open Project (navigate to BBW/default_lib/projects) and select BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project);
  • BBM File - Save Project As (give your project a new name such as BBWorkspace Joey and navigate to BBWorkspace Joey/user_lib/projects and save your newly renamed project to that path);
  • insert unlocked SD card in computer;
  • BBM File - Export > Project to SD card
  • when complete, accept prompt to synchronize (Mac version of BBM has a bug that won’t accept synchronizations but you should be okay using Windows version)
  • Eject SD card and with the pedal power off, insert SD card in pedal and power on.

It should work but if it doesn’t, please contact Support, for help

Thank you, I was able to load my saved backup to BBM. Hopefully that will get me through my gig tonight. I ordered some extra SD cards and I’m going to do what you suggested. Is the BB supposed to work without an SD card or is it always required to have one in it?

Glad you sorted it out. The pedal always requires an SD card with a BeatBuddy project.

I can’t recommend highly enough for gigging musicians to test and to have a backup SD
card when on the job.