BB Sends time signature to Aeros upon song start (and periodically?)

From the docs:

PLEASE NOTE: The time signature is only
sent from the BeatBuddy when you first load a song on the
BeatBuddy. So if you start a new song on the Aeros, you will need
to change the song on the BeatBuddy for the time signature to be

Change this to also send the time signature when the song starts/stops. Also would be goo to send this periodically (e.g., upon the start of the BB loop/changing parts).

If this would be a compatibility issue for other devices, make this be a setting to enable.

Feel free to move this to the BB forum as this will not require a change to the Aeros. (Although a bidirectional midi integration of the two devices could solve this in other ways).

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Already done in the tested BB version! It’s not officially beta, but for this reason I’ll tag as #beta

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