BB strange noises

My BB songs some more than others are making weird sqealing noises I can only describe as a thousand tiny high pitched animals in a cave through my P.A ,I’ve heard various ideas the SD card the adaptor, etc I am using a BB adaptor but would it be ok plug in a Boss 9volt adaptor just to check its not indeed a faulty adaptor …I mean the Boss 9 volt (regular padal adaptor) wont do damage to the BB will it?

As long as it is DC and has the same connector barrel settings (check the bottom plate of your BB) and has at least 300mAh but no more than 500mAh.

Does it make these noises when running thru another amp or thru headphones?

I get that sound also … I think it’s the drumkits loading.
My PA & monitor are only a few ft. away. ( w shielded cables)

Anthony - after reading posts here and in general on hooking up power supplies as opposed to chaining things off a common brick I finally plugged my BB, mounted on my pedal board, into a separate 9V supply powered off a power strip I have onboard anyway for TC Helicon and others. Magically the squirrely noises went away, aside from the loading noises as mentioned which are brief temporary one time issues.

I will try the headphone thing persist and get back to you ,on my mixer I have a PAD and HPF filter I usually usually have the HPF on (should I) and the PAD off I have tried with PAD off and obviously I have to turn the gain up as a the squeeling comes in either way.Without the pad i use no gain but with I boost gain either way same result.

Hi Cygnus,yes Ive read that about hooking BB up to common brick can cause issues,so as you do I run the BB adaptor by itself but it does go into the same multi powerboard the adaptors for my other effects run off but alas the noise persists

p.s if its not doing it through headphones what do you think it could be?

It’s really a process of elimination to find the cause. I don’t think the HPF needs to be on but that’s really a matter of your preference (and what you’re trying to accomplish with frequencies ≤ 80Hz).

As Michael (Cygnus49) suggested, it could have been as simple as using another power source.

Some things to consider as possible sources:
[]does it make the noise only when BB songs are playing or also when switching drum sets between songs? how about when the BB pedal is idle?
]if your PA is not easily accessible (not at home or in rehearsal space), you can try running your BB into a guitar amplifier at a higher volume to see if you still have the noise. Try it with the patch cables that you use for the PA. Note that this is not a conclusive test as guitar amps are not usually full range (unless you’re using a keyboard or modeling amp). If you still have the noise, it could be the pedal, the SD card, the power adaptor, patch cables or a combination of these factors
[]SD card: if you’ve already tried a new card and still have the noise, you will have eliminated a potential noise source
]power supply: does it still do it with the Boss power adaptor? if so, try plugging the power adaptor into a separate outlet (away from other power adaptors that you might have on a power strip)
[]it could be your 1/4" outputs: try different patch cables
]if you have the ability to run the pedal output from the headphone output thru your PA, you can test that as well
The usual suspects turn out to be the power source or a worn out SD card (they all eventually wear out). I’m just shooting from the hip but if the noise is consistent even when the pedal is idle, it is most likely the power source; if the noise happens when the BB is playing a song, it’s either the SD card (or the pedal).

If after working thru all of these factors and you still have the noise, contact Support and see what they suggest.

Sounds like this is getting complex Anthony good luck. Just a minor thought in passing re: “what you’re trying to accomplish with frequencies ≤ 80Hz” note from Persist. When I looked into adding a subwoofer I looked at what of musical value might <80Hz. Aside from the low E fundamental on the bass - nothing. BB produces very little down there and not at least rolling off frequencies from 100 Hz down is asking to subject your audience to mud.

thanx very much that defs gives me a few options to try thats for sure , it would be a bit of a hassle to have to use another power outlet from my power board I use for my other adaptors but so be it.Its worth a try.I will get back to you on the outcome

Ive not gotten my head around the whole Hz thing ,so in short what you are suggesting too is I dont engage the Hp filter which cuts out low frequency as I understand it.I have recently tried a sonic maximizer which has defs helped the clarity of the BB and helped me tweek high and lows a little as well as adding some compression

Anthony, I think he is telling you TO ENGAGE the HP filter. A High Pass filter lets everything higher than the target frequency pass through, ergo, High Pass. Since as Cygnus49 indicates there is little to nothing of musical value below 100hz, a high pass filter set at 100Hz reduces or eliminates those sounds.

Phil Flood’s clarification is correct - pop on the HPF so only sound above 100Hz passes and your audience will thank you too. For many of us the subterranean electronics that cause hums and noise in addition to desired sound is mysterious. Occam’s razor comes to mind - go simple and see if it works.

A post script of sorts - here’s my pedal board in its current state. The power for BB is simply an unused TC power supply I had plugged into the power strip instead of using the brick to feed BB along with many other boxes. No more unintentional noise. Funny how I have nothing plugged into the brick underneath anymore.

Are you saying you’re running it by itself on a cable from a shared power source, like a Pedal Power or OneSpot Pro? Or are you saying you’re using the original BB power supply plugged into a shared power bar?

Try plugging the BB into your board all by itself. Nothing else plugged in – not to the board, not to the BB, not to the power supply, not to the power bar. Just BB into PA. Let us know what happens.


thanx Phil ,thanx Cygnus

yes Ive tried all that no difference same weird noises,Ive tried different adaptor ,different SD card through headphones no luck.Next move I shall buy a new SD card

yes tried that no luck , next I shall buy a fresh SD card

I notice you have the BB going stereo L/R is that going into 2 seperate channels in your PA? does it make a difference for example do the drum rolls fills go from left to right?

Hi Ive tried all those things just about to go buy new SD card for my final try.One more idea I have alot of folders in the one project could that be a factor?

So, BB adapter plugged into the wall (nothing else plugged into the wall), adapter to BB, BB to PA (nothing else plugged in to the PA head), and it still makes noise? If it’s not the SD card, you may need a repair.