BB won't turn on

I was diagnosing some issues in my setup and wanted to try reinstalling the firmware on the BB, however the plug got pulled out on accident after about half a second into the install. Now it won’t even power on. (I’ve tried different cords and PSU, so that’s not it.)
What are my options?

Here’s some ideas


Thank you so much! I’ll try that out during lunch break.

Awesome. That fixed it. Thanks, man!


And reinstalling the firmware fixed the weird midi clock glitch.


And that, dear friends, is what this community is all about.


Hooray! :tada:

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I got Jay from product support helping me. He took the time to send me a new SD card I am Greatful. but the fix did not help. I’m guessing I might have to send my beatbuddy in for repair. I’m bummed. my beat buddy was fine. I had to go and buy the 2020 library content. lots of great rock song drum beats from famous bands. can’t wait to check them out. now i dont even have a metronome. Jay and all of the good support people at singular sound will find the fix.

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