BBM content transferred to folder by mistake

Hello everyone,

It seems that I made a mistake with my BBM.
I have clicked Save project as, I have put the name of a song thinking that it only referred to this song, but all the content of BBM (Dumsets, Effects, Params, etc.) has been transferred to a folder on the desktop, if I delete this folder BBM’s songs don’t work, I have to restore it, and I can’t synchronize it either. What could I do to make my BBM work without having to depend on this folder that by mistake has transferred all the content. The mistake has been mine completely.I appreciate your help everyone.

This folder is more than likely your project folder. Here’s how to recover:

  1. Close the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  2. Change the name of the folder on your desktop to Recover - Project
  3. Open the folder and select the file with with a .bbp extension. Example: Mistake.bbp; select the name and change it to Recover.bbp
  4. Copy the project folder from your desktop to your bbworkspace/user_lib/projects folder
  5. Launch BBM and File > Open Project and navigate to your bbworkspace projects folder and select Recover - Project.bbp and open it
  6. If your songs are all there, you should be in business.

I have dragged the folder created by mistake to the shortcut of BBM on the desktop, now I do not see it and it seems that BBM works.

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I have changed the name to the folder, and I have followed your instructions, but I cannot synchronize this card that it contains.
Now I have inserted my SD card and in BBM synchronization is not enabled. I can’t synchronize my SD card with my BBM. I need your help urgently. Thanks for your reply.

When you have a new project, try to export first and then sync.

Thank you for your response, I have been able to finally solve this.
Little by little I will try to understand BBM.

You may also find the user guide to be helpful when users don’t answer quickly enough.

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