Beat Buddy output

Hi all.
Does anybody know the Beat Buddy’s correct output specifications and how would I measure them? (I’m a musician not a techo whizz) Reason for the question? At last night’s gig we had to crank the hell out of the BB input gain on the mixer to get a decent volume - which we hadn’t had to do before. Just trying to work out where to start looking.
Many thanks

I don’t know the output specs nor how to measure them. If the volume was acceptable before last night’s gig, there may have been some connectivity issues. Isolate and eliminate potential sources—some things to check:

  • Correct TS patch cables (not TRS or speaker cables); substitute different patch cables to test
  • Check that the patch cables are working and that they are fully seated in the pedal and to the mixer or PA
  • If you are using custom-created drum sets, some kits require both left and right output cables to get both left and right channels delivering full audio
  • Volume controls on the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal are properly set
  • Using the correct power adaptor for the pedal

Sometimes it’s just the oddest little things that can happen, for example, see this post: BeatBuddy - problems with audio dropping out

That’s about all I can think of right now. Let us know what you discover and how you fixed it.

Does the mixer used have a ‘PAD’ switch on the channel that was used? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some ideas/pointed questions:

  • Were you plugging into a Balanced input?
  • Anything with stereo to mono phase cancelation?
  • Does the mixer have padding (or other settings) enabled?
  • Which output(s) did you use? L, R, Phones?

Did cranking the level work? If that works, do you really care why? Might be simpler to adapt than to figure it out. Life is short (unless this might cause you grief in some other situation).

Thanks very much to everyone for the suggestions. On the night of the gig I checked cables (I have spares), BB volume, L & R output (& not into headphone outs), BB power supply (I have a multimeter) and mixer settings. No joy. Did the gig, which went well. But lay in bed afterwards thinking WTF?
Yesterday I set up the PA again at home and went hunting. Found the issue an hour later. So simple it hurts. We use an Allen & Heath ZED 60FX10 mixer. Had it five years, no issues. On the back next to the power switch is a little hole. Inside that hole is a tiny in/out button operated by a paper clip. This button is a -30db cut switch. Never used it before, never even knew it was there, but somehow it came on and cut the mixer output by -30db. The mic and guitar channels had enough headroom to compensate, the BB stereo channel did not.
There’s no mention of the switch in the manual or the wiring diagrams, whilst the writing on the back next to it is gnat sized and needs a magnifying glass to read. Bloody Pommy engineering, always leaving something critical out. Aside from feeling a bit foolish, all sorted now. Hope this helps someone.

Glad you sorted it out and thanks for letting the forum know how you resolved the issue.

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