Beat buddy song folders

I cannot find any directions anywhere on how to get a folder of songs I create in Beat Buddy Manager transferred onto my SD card. Help! I am close to sending everything back to Sweetwater in frustration of this learning curve and the lack of good directions!

If you haven’t read the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) QuickStart Guide, you might find it helpful. * Link (in blue font) to new user resources

Insert your SD card in your computer slot reader
Use the BBM File - Synchronize;
If you have not synchronized your project before, use File - Export Project to SD card;

If this doesn’t help, you should contact

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A simple solution. Save the folder as a project then export it to your sd card. Off course insert the card in your computer. It will tell you a project exist and do you want to overwrite it. Click yes and itll procede to save your new folder to the card. Then when it asks if you want to syncronize the project for further use just click yes. Remove the card Nd put it into the BB and it should be there. If not con tact support.

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