Beat Buddy unit cannot read SD card “no song”

Beat Buddy Manager shows project is downloaded to SD Card but when inserting into Beat Buddy unit I get “no song”. I have read many blogs and tried many suggestions unsuccessfully. Please help!!

If none of these tips help, contact for help.

Okay did that…after inserting SD card into Beat Buddy I now get message “Invalid SD Card”. Next step please?

I accidentally erased the original 4 GB card that came with the Beat Buddy I purchased. I downloaded all files from your website onto a new 32 GB SD card type 10 from the Apple iMac with Catalina and still got the invalid SD message.

The next step is above.

Did you, by chance, format the card for your Mac? The card should have been left in its native factory PC-friendly format.

Thanks for the reply. No I did not format the SD card.