Beat Buddy White Screen with No Displayed Info

Hello All :slight_smile:
I’ve had my beat buddy for a while now and I got it out this past weekend to have some fun with it again and all I now get is a fully white screen with no info displayed. There is also no drum output when hooked up between my guitar and my pedalboard using the original correct power supply.
I’ve read a few of the posts on here regarding the white screen only and have followed the instructions using Windows 10. I’ve tried to upgrade the firmware and I’ve gotten no further with doing that - I also tried a different SD card to rule out a bad original 4Gb card with no progress.
I’m not sure what to do now as I really want it working again :thinking:
Can I send this unit in for repair? I’ve had this unit for a long time and I can’t remember exactly where I bought it new as I’ve got a metric-ton of pedals and gear from over the years :crazy_face:
Please help,
Eric Gibbs

Can you check the pedal settings to see if anything displays?

As far as repairs, Singular Sound doesn’t provide any.

If you have not tried to recover a bricked pedal, you can give this a shot: Pedal does not power on

If all else fails, might be best to contact for help.

I just finished trying the “EMPTY PRODUCTION SD” card applied to the original 4Gb card re-do followed by firmware 4.1.6 install from a different 32Gb card and BB is still white-screen only.

I do now have drumkit audio out now!!! I can use the volume, Drum Set, Tempo, Tap and footswitch pedal/knobs/buttons to control/change the drumkits so that’s a big start back to normal!!! Perhaps the display-driver IC went bad or even the display itself…

Eric Gibbs :slight_smile:

Unplug your pedal from all patch cables. Disconnect the power cable and let it sit for a few minutes and then plug it back in.

Press the Tempo and Drums knobs to see if any of the menus display.

I tried this and no menus are displayed. If I click the drumset and tempo knobs at the same time, the display goes dark until I press a knob or other key again. I believe this to be a small feature to turn the bright display off for me as a user if I find it too distracting under normal use.

Not much else I can do to help you. Best to email Support.

Please let us know what it takes to get you working again.

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Thanks very much for your help Persist :slight_smile: