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Sometimes when I rearrange beats in the beat builder and put them in the BB manger I get no sound. Why?

Sometimes when I rearrange beats in the beat builder and put them in the BB manger I get no sound. Why?

I really can’t tell you why, but I have noticed the same problems. There is something that has to do with the way the original track was set up. There are a few “Do’s & Don’t’” things to be aware of. Number one, don’t move the location of the first note regardless of where it’s at. There is a problem with that. Don’t try to change the location of the “Notes” if they are in the second window of the measure frame. That will cause it to not work at all and will stall the BB Manager, and it will just plain quit working at that point and you have to completely shut it down so save, save, save, as you are working. If you end up with a “Double Bass Beat” at the end of a fill where it goes back to the Main Beat, lower the volume of the last Bass note in the window and that will eliminate that problem. Sometimes you have to remove the last notes completely so it doesn’t interfere with the Downbeat on the Main. Had to do that with just about everyone of the fills, intros, transitions. It’s OK to leave it on the Outro. Just thought I would mention a few things. I work with the Beat Builder every day and I know all the little things about it. I have reported a lot of these issues to the Support Team and they might fix alot of these little things in the next update revision, hopefully anyways.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

how can i put bass on the midi song?

You’d need to edit/create a MIDI file with the correct MIDI notes mapped to a bass drumset:

Bass drum kick with crash cymbals in wave format anyone have? Thank you

Thanks Fingerstylepicker, thats the exact issue I’m having. Spend loads of time editing for it not to work. :frowning: Going to have a look at that first note thing you mentioned. :slight_smile:

Probably I did it the most fuzzy way… I saved my SD-Card (or at least the Songs getting edited) as backup on harddisk. Then I used the BeatBuddyManager to adjust the parts. It wasn‘t hardly worth the time and the trouble at home… I would recommend editing on a DAW and re-import it to BB, but as I‘m not very common with software and the whole IT-stuff I did it that clumpsy way.
BTW there was a download-link anywhere in the Forum where you can get a improved MIDI-Editor for the BB. It allowed me to adjust the volume of the instruments in general (instead every single note with the BBManager).

Z-Matt, kindly share the link for the Improved Midi-Editor.

Not so sure that this is what Z-Matt is referring to: Free MIDI editor designed for BeatBuddy

Yes, that´s what I was thinking about…Thank you Persist

Error4 Hi, I made my own fill and tried to add it to a new beat I’m building. Attached is a screenshot of the error. It’s message: 1- SongTrack::parseMidiFile - ERROR 4 - (! p_Buffer)

Does the song name include the @ and the + characters? If so, make sure none of your song, folder, or drum set names include special characters.

image Changed the name to MyFilloo1 - no special characters.

Steps to recreate: 1. right click, select create new pattern 2. once complete building the new pattern click apply. then this error appearsError4%20number%202

Anyone know where I can find BeatBuilder these days? For Mac? Heck, or Windows. Thanks