BeatBuddy/Aeros/Maestro vs HR Looperboard

Consulting the experts. I own a BB and have been very pleased with it. I use it with a Boss RC-10R looper, but want more looper flexibility. So I am considering a HR Looperboard, or adding Aeros and Maestro to the BB.

This is primarily for building songs to play and rehearse with. The reason I’m considering the HR Looperboard is that in addition to having a lot of loop features, it also has nice backing track mode as well as integrated effects. I have a Helix that I use but would like all in one if the amps/effects are decent.

Price is not the main factor, but for Aeros/Maestro pair would be about $700 used for the pair. The Looperboard is about $550 for new unit with backpack (used market).

I am leaning toward the Aeros/Maestro. I am concerned about both companies’ commitment to their products long term (Headrush LB seems to be dead/dying but really good firmware now). I don’t see much recently on BB/Aeros/Maestro either. What say the experts? I know they say buy the gear for what it does today and not futures. I have had good luck with 8 years with the Helix. Anything I am not considering in this decision?

I can’t speak on the behalf of the company here, but my personal opinion is that the Headrush is a Tank that shoots bubbles

It has “everything” but the looping mechanism (reminder it should be a looper) is pretty basic and clunky

If you have a Helix, your experience in pairing the MM BB and Aeros is unparalleled, we do not go out of our way to support other loopers, the Aeros is always built to work flawlessly with the BB and vice versa.

You can check out our latest beta version 5.1.0 which has a major MIDI expansion

Of course, I am biased, but devices like the headrush looper are reasons why I put a lot of effort, as does our team, into making something that takes the looping experience to a new level.

Thanks for the question!

hey Brennan!
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me :slight_smile: …Your tank analogy :rofl:
There seems to be a current and strong commitment to fixing and extending the Aeros…where I am not seeing that with HR. Thanks for your commitment to the product, it’s users and to looping community.
Now I need to shop around for an Aeros :slight_smile:

All the best!

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I have an Aeros coming my way and should be here Wednesday! Woohoo