BeatBuddy and Aeros sync if Aeros started first


Is there a way to start recording with Aeros and then punch in the drums from beat buddy that will be in sync with the first one? I’ve connected MIDI cables as instructed in one of your videos on YT. It is synced when I start first with the BeatBuddy (as this is a master) and then punching in Aeros recording, but not the other way around.


end of this thread says not a function as intended.
but i liked starting the beat fist

Are you talking when you record?
Yes you can
Go to Aeros settings>Midi>Midi out>Scroll down
Whe you see “Start: 1st recording” set it to REC COMMIT
In this case the looper start a recording (I recommend you to set a count in)
When you press the switch to close the loop , the Beatbuddy gonna start in sync