Beatbuddy and boss rc-600

Just got a BB a couple of weeks ago and now I would like to update my looper, so I’m thinking of getting a boss rc-600 to go with my BB.
Anyone know if there are any synch issues with the BB as the master and the rc-600 or any issues at all?

I’ve never tried with the RC600 but I would hazard a guess & say it’ll be fine.

I sync my BB to a RC5 with the BB as the master & it’s perfect.


I use RC600 and Beatbuddy, but I have the looper as sync master as I find that works best in my application. I have also programmed the looper to issue midi commands to the beatbuddy so that I can start specific drum tracks with recorded loops. The RC600 is a beast … found a few frustrating issues, but overall it’s a pretty good combination.

Thanks that’s the info I was looking for as I read that the BB and the RC-500 have some timing issues, and was hoping the the RC-600 did not have the same problems.