Beatbuddy and looper

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So im hoping to get some help to understand the issue im facing.

So I got myself the beatbuddy and im using a line 6 Helix and I wanted to use the beatbuddy as the drummer for a duo thing im playing in as we dont need crazy drums and thought this would do the trick. The weird thing is the beatbuddy and the looper falling out of sync…why is this??? it works fine if the looper is at the end of the chain but I dont want to loop the drums as I want to be able to stop the drums and keep my rhythm going and then bring the drums back in. no matter how many times I try to get them synced up after about twice round they are out of sync I just dont understand why, my timing has always been pretty good and this is proven when looping the drums with the looper at the end of the signal chain so why would they drift if its set to a tempo? I am currently using the basic looper in the helix at the minute and I do have an RC-30 but I cant see how using the RC-30 would make a difference. What am I not understanding? I thought this would be super simple and turns out its a nightmare …appreciate the feedback guys and no doubt its me being dense but at this stage iI have had it less than a day and im at the point of returning it and just using a backing track on my mac for the drums.

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I am not an expert on Line 6 products, so I could not tell you if that is a specific reason why.

Do a quick search of the forum I’m sure there are people that have mentioned that line 6 and the BeatBuddy. I found this one, this might be related to your issue

Keeping a looper and any drum machine in sync is tricky unless both devices have a feature that enables them to do so. The vast majority of devices that support sync use MIDI. There are other methods but the only looper I have heard of doing this without MIDI is the Ditto X2 Jam

The Aeros for example uses MIDI. I don’t know anything about the helix but we know that the Boss RC30 does not have MIDI sync capability.

There is a thread on compatible loopers

I personally have a Boss RC10R which does have MIDI but I’ve yet to try syncing it - I’ve only just gotten around to buying the right cables.

Actually i found a video showing Helix and BB sync

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Thanks heaps for your help a really appreciate it I have ordered the beatbuddy midi cable and also a camera connection kit for the iPhone so I can use quantiloop I’ll see if I can get it all synced up and and use that as the looper I’ll keep you posted about how it goes. Thanks again much appreciated