Beatbuddy and VL3(x) Sync Problems / not been taken seriously into account ??

Dear all,

there two really great standalone boxes: Beatbuddy an Voicelive 3(x). But connectiong togehter there are a lot of problems. At least sync problems with the looper.

However, a lot of discussions are going on in both forums, a lot of people are trying doing something, but there is no solution up to now. Recommondation to firmware updates, assumptions on wrong user settings, bad cable, plug out - plug in, power off - on, …
And after all, a poor decription and documentation of the whole MIDI implementation.

I want to state here, that I am really unhappy with the support on both side of the two companies. This is a real unprofessional way left your customers out in the rain.

I know a lot of good musicians who are really good technicians and some of them are graduated engineers (me too :slight_smile: ). And out there are high skills. But I am really tired, searching google and forums days and night for a solution for a immature software.

In a case where a bunch of users report the same issus (running out of sync) THERE IS A PROBLEM!

Now, I want to ask you as developers of beatbuddy and send an express request for examination:

  • to summarize all fact
  • to define the current stable firmware and possible beta firmware with download link
  • to state where the development will work on
  • time estimation when a stable fix will be available
    And when will Beatbuddy and TC Helicon talk to each other at last, to solve issues?!

I really hope that there will be a good solution for customers. Honestly I do not enter stage in these day with these two unstable devices in combination!!

Well, yes I am really disappointed and fed up with so much time I invested into searching faults in both boxes. Yes I am really angry.

I pray and hope that there will be a reasonable and acceptable solution very soon. Thank you …

I can tell you’re frustrated however, it appears that this is the first we are hearing from you about your problem.

Without a complete description of the symptoms of your “sync problems with the looper.” it would be difficult for the BB developers to come up with a solution. As an engineer, I would think you should know better . . . .

Not sure of the value of your poll but let’s wait and see how users respond.

Same problem here, it seems impossible to synchronize the looper with Beatbuddy. Sometimes there is a mismatch of 1 bpm for example VL# tempo 100 and BeatBuddy 101. Any suggestions?

Other VL3 users have weighed in here saying that it syncs like a champ . . . .

Make sure you’re using the latest firmware for both the VL3 and the BeatBuddy.

What are your Midi out settings on the BeatBuddy? Try MIDI-OUT/Sync > Disable and see if that makes a difference.

Hi there. Thanks for the fast reply. I have the latest firmware of VL3 EXTREME and BEATBUDDY. the midi settings in beatbuddy are midi out/sync>enable. If I disable the midi sync I do not get any tempo synchronisation. Any other ideas?

Only other thing I can offer is

Also, check your forum inbox, please.

xxxxx xxxxxx…I’m not on my own. I read on here that the BB and VL sync’d wonderfully together. I spent over €1100 get a Beat Buddy and a VL3(x). I finally got the “sold seperately” midi cable for the BB and plugged the whole lot in together tonight, correctly. I nearly broke down in tears when the bloody looper didn’t sync…I’m so devastated and disgusted at the same time, I’ve literally just jumped on the PC to try and find out what the hell is going on. I’m going to make sure again that I have all the up-to-date firmware in the morning as its too late tonight. Praying that fixes it :confused:

Hi I had a few issues but now get good results by using the “quantize” setting in the Vl3’s looper>utils NOT the (default) “smart” setting

Hi, me again. Can I suggest that you examine the illuminated display of the VL3
You should see a small “MIDI” text flashing, all the time,
Its bottom right of the display. You should notice that’s its flashing in time to the Beatbuddy display

If you cant see this, first check the connections, and then the settings on the VL3
No point trying the audio tests if this is not working first ; )

might assist

Yeh that’s the exact video I used to set mine up and everything is exactly like this guys. I’ll have a look at the quantize setting instead of smart when I double check the firmware later. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the help

Ok…I’ve double checked all the firmware, BB and VL. Everything is up to date. I’ve tried both quantize and smart settings on the looper. I can count a simple 1,2,3,4 and within maybe 3 bars the loop is going out of sync. I am utterly lost for words at this point. All of the feedback on these forums was that the two linked up perfectly. Whats next on the checklist to get this working?

Hi, is the midi indicator flashing, lower right of the VL3 display?
This needs to be flashing before you can try the audio tests

After that the next step would be to unmute the metronome and confirm that it is in time with the flashing.

I agree with lovesinging’s question to trevicus, do you see the MIDI indicator light blinking on the VL3’s LED Display?

One reason why it works for some of us, is because we really have the latest firmware and correctly configured settings. In too many cases when someone simply states they have the latest firmware without disclosing what their exact versions is, it adds to the confusion when in fact in many cases it was never the latest version. This comes from the reasonable assumption that a newly purchased VL3X or BB should be shipping with the latest, whereby you can expect the sync to work right out of the box. But, even in these reported causes it turns out they too needed to update their firmware with either device.

The VL3 forum post is from December 2014 and the stated Firmware in the post (Firmware 1.2.02 Build 187), is the first one where syncing was finally working. There are of course later firmware versions and both units continue to sync.

TC-Helicon is moving to a new forum platform and has locked down the threads so I cannot edit the initial post. However, while you still can please read the System Setups for VL3, and BB’s MIDI settings, and MAKE SURE THE BB MIDI CABLE is plugged in securely.

Again, this is a really important question: do you see the MIDI indicator light blinking on the VL3’s LED Display?

Update. I noticed that even though I was not having any Sync issues between BB and VL3, my BB firmware was not the latest version. I updated it and it still continue to sync correctly.
So it is clear, instead of saying I have the “latest”, here is what I have:
BB Firmware 1.85
VL3 Firmware 2.1.01 Build 355

My beat buddy is on 2.0.2 and my voicelive is right up to date using the app on my desktop. The midi indicator is blinking. The leads are all brand new and plugged in properly and securely.

Could we talk privately if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you some specific questions since you seem to have it working…

Hi Trevicus. I’m sorry, but to due being incredibly busy with my work, I can’t “talk”, if you were implying over the phone. Or did you mean private messages?

I should ask, where did you get BB firmware 2.0.2? is this something Singular sent you directly? because the version they have posted on their download page is 1.85.

Since the MIDI light is blinking on the VL3, go into the Looper Layer so you can see the actual Tempo number on the LED. Without doing anything else turn the tempo knob on the BB and please let us know if you see the number change on the VL3. There is a slight delay of a second or two, but both BB and VL3 should say the same tempo.

Singular Firmware:

Yes, I just meant PM. My account wont let me start a private conversation for some reason though, maybe could you send me a message? I have beta firmware. Yes there is a slight delay but the tempo displayed is the same.

FYI: Update to TC-Helicon’s new Forum, for the BeatBuddy-Setup:

Trevicus, if the same Tempo displays on both devices while you turn the tempo knob on the BeatBuddy, this would indicate both devices are sync’d.

Try this next. With the VL3 in the Looper layer, start BB on any beat you want (maybe Blues, to keep it simple) and record a Loop on A, for about 5 to 10 seconds. Do not overdub. My additional suggestion is to make sure your Looper Sync setting is set to “Smart”.

Once you have your loop Set A recorded, turn BB Off, and playback your Loop on VL3 to make sure the playback is seamless when it starts at the beginning. If so, while it’s playing, do your best to start BB on the beat anytime. When BB starts, it is possible depending on your personal timing for starting the BB, you might be off a half a beat or so, but both devices should pull into sync. The outcome should be, BB should be playing along with your recorded Loop at the same time and Tempo. Let both devices play together for a few minutes. Sometimes, they will fall out of sync +/- 1 and my understanding is this is but too be expected, and I have experienced it over longer recorded loops. But it is unnoticeable.

NOTE. you should not be trying to change the Tempo on BB after you record the loop. I believe VL puts up a lock message, because it does not change the Tempo of a recorded loops.

Let us know your experience with the test steps I have outlined :slight_smile: Also. I have reviewed this thread again, and maybe you can elaborate and break-down your earlier comment into steps we can try and reproduce:

You said, “I’ve tried both quantize and smart settings on the looper. I can count a simple 1,2,3,4 and within maybe 3 bars the loop is going out of sync”