BeatBuddy AutoPilot 2020?

Any idea as to approximately when AP might be released?

Any idea as to approximately when AP might be released???



That’s optimisitic :slight_smile:

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I too would love autopilot for those times when I want the drum part to be a backing track, and gravy would be to have the ability to add some of the BB drum sounds on the fly on top. It’s February and I’m seeing people have been expecting this any day now since last July. Any updates?


We’ve programmed most of the Premium song content to work with the AP, but have to wait on the software bugs to be fixed before anything can be made public :confused:


Thanks for the update GoranGrooves! Looking forward to working with AP as well.

Are the bugs in the firmware or the Open BB manager software? The OS Github project looks a bit static development wise…

If you look at the thread Please be honest - will Beatbuddy Manager ever get updated? you’ll see that SS have started again with the BBM, so there is no development of the OS version. But you’ll also see from that thread that @DavidPackouz was asked for an update more than two weeks ago, to which he has yet to respond. This doesn’t give us much confidence that progress is being made

Hi, how is this feature coming on? Thanks for all the hard work to get it this far!

New software development is in full swing. Because of the convoluted system of the original BB Manager, we likely won’t see any more updates to it. That’s it.

Like you, I am waiting on the new software to see the light of the day. I am involved in the design process and I can tell you that I am very excited about what is going to be available to us once it is released. It will be released in stages with basic functionalities available first, with more being added.


Ah ok, is the auto pilot on hold because the bb manager isn’t getting updated? I guess that auto pilot in the pedal alone won’t make sense without some type of manager software program to set up the auto pilot play order?

I’m asking more out of interest because while auto pilot would be cool, my main use seems to be songs with 2 or 3 parts that I can transition between and add fills when needed. This is functionality that works great for me :slight_smile:

Sigh. This is a common reaction from newly onboarded (or frustrated old) engineers to a project. The new v2 version takes far longer to build than expected, has far fewer features, and eventually succumbs to the same fate as v1. Other people’s code (opc) is hard to maintain/understand. A rewrite from scratch takes far more effort than incrementally refactoring the old to make it easier to extend (but this is less shiny) unless the basic technology is limited.

Easy for me to say from the outside. The git repo didn’t look too bad, but that’s no substitute for hands on experience.

OK. So does this mean that the Auto Pilot feature is coming or is not coming?

@jonmy7 Both the software and firmware are needed to utilize the AP feature. If the available software doesn’t support it there is no way for the end-user to program it and current software would strip any AP information from songs if you were to import a project that contains it.

@Quad The V2 of the software is being built on a different platform and is done properly, with best coding practices in place and in an organized manner. There is just no way to further develop the current software. As soon as you try to fix one thing, a whole bunch of other issues arises. It has been a never-ending cycle of bug fixes. Several skilled developers had a go at it and just couldn’t wrap up the bugs to release a solid version, unfortunately.
It is a pain that a complete rewrite is needed, that’s for sure. But, they came to the conclusion that it was the only way forward. That’s where we’re at.

The good news for users who don’t want to mess with the software and just want to load available content onto their BB’s is that the new version will guide them through the process in a wizard-like manner. They won’t need to learn anything. It will be super easy to load stuff on the BB. That will be the first iteration. Then other funcionalities will be added in stages.

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Yes. But, I can’t tell you when.

I agree in that I only use SS and GM 2-3 parts songs with fills and find this very satisfying. However, I also own a lot of premium content and havent been able to get any of it to work since I just cant figure out which parts are what. Having AP would open up all the premium content I have, and I would likely buy more. Im probably stating the obvious here, but there you go. Cheers

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This is worth a rewrite by itself! Hopefully this also covers updates as well as additions.

In a perfect world we should be able to drag and drop a single file to the SD card or mounted USB drive (since I literally need to unmount the BB from my board to eject the SD card) and not have to have any desktop software. A rewrite of how the BB handles it’s catalog would help (assuming you have space for the feature). If there was another beat editor that you could leverage, then you could drop the editor; a lot less code to maintain/test. Just thinking…

Goran, I have asked in other threads here, when are we going to be able to see some screen shots of the work in progress and will we get continuous updates of where it’s at or just get told it’s coming?

I can see why you’d want that. Would be nice to have that openness. But it’s quite rare for anyone in the industry to do this…

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