BeatBuddy footswitch functionality

Is there a way to edit the footswitch so that the two buttons have the same functionality at the buttons on the Maestro? I bought the Maestro, not because I wanted more buttons, but because the functionality of the footswitch is clunky and there doesn’t seem to be any way to edit it significantly. But the Maestro has issues too. The MIDI cable keeps falling out of the jack in the back. Plus, there are TOO many buttons. I just want to be able to start/stop and to move to the next section. But those buttons are on the top row on the Maestro, which means I have to look down at my foot to make sure I’m hitting the right button. But at least on the Maestro, I only have to hit the buttons once, and the response is pretty instant. I’d love to get rid of my Maestro. It was a big waste of money for what I’m using it for. Why can’t I have the two buttons on the footswitch just to the same thing as the two buttons I use on the Maestro: single-tap Start/Stop and single-tap Next?