BeatBuddy Footswitch+ Transition/Outro Fill Control

Hi Guys, new BB and Footswitch+ owner/user here, and still learning about all the tricks to use this device. I couldn’t find this answer in my quick search, so I thought I’d ask here.

Can the external BB Footswitch+ switches (either one) be used to transition between song parts or go to the outro fill with a single press? Without getting a Midi Maestro, I’m trying to find a way to transition between song parts with a single switch press rather than a hold or double-tap. Thanks!

I don’t think you can transition between song parts using the remote foot switches however, you can single-tap the Outro Fill.

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Yep you can use the external pedal for transition…You set the 1st Footswitch Function to Main Pedal enable on the BB. Then it mimics the BB itself, a long press will start the transition to the next part and a double tap will start the outtro.


That’s nice to know. I like having the BB up near my music stand, for ease of navigation. Have to try the footswitch method you just described.

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Thanks. I knew I could mimic the BB main pedal, and having access to a single tap outro fill is great, but what I was hoping for was to be able to set the other switch on the external footswitch to a single tap transition. It looks like you can’t do that but it has been a pretty common request in the community for awhile. Hopefully in a future update, that will be an option for the external footswitch.

Currently we can do it using MIDI.

The next update to my BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller will include embedded support for the iRig Blueboard.

One of the footswitches will have the Single-Tap Next-Part function preconfigured.

It has an unexpected side effect, however: If you step on it when it is stopped, the BeatBuddy will play the Intro and go straight to part 2! Isn’t it fun? :grinning:

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