BeatBuddy library

I bought songs, they’re not going to my documents
Shouldn’t they automatically go there or am I missing something?

normally if you download files they go to the downloads directory (windows)

To expand just a little on what renevmind has said, yes, the data for the songs ends up in your user documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects path but this is based on the assumption that you have a bbworkspace folder installed on your computer.

The process of placing your songs is not automated. You have to follow some steps to get it done:

  • download the songs
  • unzip to your desktop (so the songs are easy to find)
  • use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Import - Songs (or folder, which has a .pbf file extension)
  • once you’ve done this, you can either sync or export the project to your SD card

If you haven’t read the Quickstart Guide, now’s a good time. You can find that document here as well as other helpful tips: * Link (in blue font) to new user resources