BeatBuddy Manager 1.50.1 (Windows/Mac)


Hi BeatBuddies!

We are excited to announce the newest version of the BeatBuddy Manager (version 1.50) for Windows and Mac!

We worked on making the software a lot more intuitive and easier to use, and we would love to have your feedback before we make an announcement to make this an official release. Big thanks goes to @Daef , who worked full time on this version of the software for the last two months straight!

Download for Windows (Vista or later)

Download for Mac (10.9.5+ recommended)

Learn to use the software with BeatBuddy Manager Guide (Please comment if something is not clear).

Visit the new BeatBuddy Premium Content Library to discover awesome new Beats and Drum Sets!

New Improvements:

Version 1.50:


[*]New and improved interface: Simplified and re-organized menu options

[*]Many bug fixes

Version 1.40:

[*]Drag and Drop

[*]Copy and Paste

[*]Export MIDI files: Want to edit a MIDI loop in a BeatBuddy song in another program? Export the MIDI file!

[*]Auto Update: You will now be informed when a new version of the BeatBuddy Manager is available! (as long as you’re connected to the internet).

Things we’re working on:

[*]Built-in MIDI editor (In the meantime you can use this separate program to edit beats)

[*]Auto-Update Firmware

[*]Export WAV from Drum Set

Minimum system requirements of the BeatBuddy Manager (for optimum functioning) are as follows:

Windows: Vista (or later), Dual Core CPU, At least 1GB of RAM, At least 1GB of free disk space.

Mac: OS X Yosemite (10.10.*) and OS X Mavericks (10.9.5). Older versions of OS X may work but are not guaranteed. At least 1 GB of RAM, At least 1GB of free disk space.

A few short videos from our Director of Content, Goran Rista, to help you get started:

We are always REALLY excited to see (and jam with!) all of the new BeatBuddy content you guys create. Please post it in our USER GENERATED CONTENT Section of the Forum.

We would appreciate all feedback below (positive and negative alike). Thank you and enjoy! :slight_smile:

–The BeatBuddy Team!


Downloaded and installed 1.50 no issues noticed 1.50.1 post update so did same. OSX 10.10.3. Thanks for updates. Might be good to change app package properties to keep versions straight, from the file it looked same but when running could see the .1 update in about.


1.50.1 consists of a few bug fixes from version 1.50


Okay, tried this Mac link three times and I get only 1.4 or 1.5.0


Trust me - despite that it is actually 1.5.1. If You you go to update in the manager software it should state that in bold letters, although the download still says 1.50.
One added feature appears to be shortcut keys for the tasks - did not notice that before upgrading yesterday.


Well, strictly speaking, it is not 1.5.1, it is! It is still that same 1.5.0 but with some really small bugfix applied. That’s why I decided to show only three first digits in the version.
But I guess this is confusing. I will keep this is in mind when compiling new versions. Sorry for that! Just download it - it is really what you want.


…and i verified it works, at least in regards to exporting to SD. Thanks. Now to figure out how to stack a kick under the wav crash.


psssst…version for XP please? o_O


MAC version or whatever it is won’t load the workspace location…i know exactly where it is and when i navigate to the folder it does not load in…for version 1.4 it did it automaticaly and works fine…all my songs and created folders loaded flawlessly upon startup
…i guess i won’t use ver …I HAVE MAC OS 10.9.5…anybody else with this situation???


I have a Mac running 10.10.4 the latest OS and BB version 1.50 won’t open at all. I have to force quit.

This is a persistent link to my Google Drive for BBManager 1.5.0+ for WinXP x86 (no installer version). When I upload a new version, the link doesn’t change. Right now version is there. I’ve tested the archive works on Windows XP.

The only minor problem is it unfolds itself in the current directory. So if you download it one the desktop and unpack it, you’ll have a shitload of Qt .dll’s right on your desktop. Note the unpack path - you’d better change it while unpacking!

Can you please provide some screenshots so I can help you fix it? BBManager should work properly on Mac OS 10.10.

BBManager should also work on Mac 10.9.5. I’ve personally made sure it does. The BeatBuddy workspace is not a project. You need to manually point a BBManager to the folder you want to use as a workspace once and then you can safely open projects.
BBManager 1.5.0+ adds auto-opening of projects. Workspace folders are not opened automatically.


Works great…i saved my project from my previous version right into the documents workspace folder and then opened and then loaded my project from there


I just installed the new version and it installed perfectly. It also loaded my current project I’ve been working on right where I left off. Didn’t have to do a thing. So far, it really looks good. What is the charge to download the new drumset and library? And I am assuming you will accept Paypal. I think that’s the way I bought the pedal to begin with. Thank you all for your hard work and getting things set up the right way. It’s a fun pedal to use and also the Beat Builder and the BB Manager. Everything needs a little tweaking here and there but that’s normal and also that’s the fun of having something new and different. I have the Beat Buddy mounted in a “Main Spot” on my Pedalboard which makes it “Permanent” so there is your answer. Thanks again for the hard work. To me it’s worth all of it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.


Thanks for the warm words, @fingerstylepicker! We will try to make the software even better and easier to use!

There was an issue in when user settings like workspace and last opened project location were not read from the previous version that I’ve fixed for Glad to hear it works! :slight_smile:


I’ve downloaded and installed BBManager version and it’s working great on my late 2009 MacBook Pro Running OS X Yosemite version 10.10.4. The first time I ran this new version of BBManager I used the File Menu/Open Project and selected the existing location of my active .bbp file. Everything loaded perfectly and is very happy.

Many sincere thanks for all of the efforts to make this program an even easier and more reliable interface to my beloved BeatBuddy.

PS I still wish that I would be automatically notified via email when there are new and improved updates available for download.


Hey Nicholas, I think you can get automatic notifications by email by clicking on the blue box on the bottom right “More Options…” for the thread you want to watch (for example maybe this very thread) and check both boxes at the bottom “Watch this Thread…” and "and receive notifications by email. "Of course, you’ll also have to put up with any and all other emails but that’s a small price to pay to get notice. You can do the same thing for the other threads that interest you e.g., for the firmware and tutorial.


Hello persist,

Thanks you for that great tip. I will go through the various threads especially related to BBManager updates and Firmware Updates etc. and sign up to Watch this Thread and Receive Notifications by email. Thanks again!


@Nicholas Peper we notify everyone by email who signed up to our mailing list at


Hi David,

Thank you so much for responding to my concern but, I’ve never been notified by email about a single update. I’ve always received prompt replies to emails that I’ve sent directly to BeatBuddy as well as email notifications when there’s a reply to anything that I’ve posted and even Goran Rista has responded to my suggestions and anecdotes but, as far as an official notification of from BeatBuddy regarding software or firmware updates, nothing.

I just double checked to make sure that I’m signed up for the Newsletter by trying to sign up again and I got this message “ is already subscribed to list Beat Buddy Newsletter.”

Anyways, I’ll live and thanks again for getting back to me on this issue. Maybe it’s just one of those ghost in the database gliches?

Many more thanks go to you and your team for creating such a wonderfully innovative and fun to use musical device.


I just received an email about this. I know of the beat buddy and want one but do not own one. Is this software useable on a pc without the pedal itself?