BeatBuddy Manager available date? [COMING SOON]


When will the manager be available for download? I received my order/BeatBuddy today, and so far, GREAT! :slight_smile: But really need the manager so I can start programming songs for upcoming shows!



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That makes two of us in desperate need of the Beat Buddy Manager. I have a show coming up soon and plan to program the entire set list in my Beat Buddy. Does anyone have information on the projected time frame for completion?


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Unfortunately, I can’t help with timeframes of when BeatBuddy Manager software is released (aside from when it’s ready), but you may want to look for some tips on what to do while waiting for the software to release at this topic -


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Actually I’m disappointed its not available now. The website says “included BeatBuddy Manager software,” but it is not included. There was no indication that it would not be ready. And obviously it exists because the demo video has been up for months. I don’t get it


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Software can be twice as hard as hardware to not only conceive, but create. Given the number of OS’s and licensing issues that can arise, the process is akin to pulling each hair out of your head until you are bald…

In short, like the BeatBuddy itself, its coming. I to am disappointed that its late. Imagine what the team feels about it. Give these guys some credit though huh and enhance your calm. The fact that they were able to take an idea and turn it into what we now possess, in the amount of time they achieved it, is nothing short of astonishing. And what you now have, could and should, give you countless hours of variety and purpose. When the software does come, you will be even happier than you should be right now. (so much for short…My bass player tells me I can carry on…)


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Thank you all for your understanding. MadHaTT3R your response is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

We are fine-tuning some final aspects of the software, as we want to make sure that when we deliver, we will deliver a program that works as smoothly as possible without issues. We are doing our best to get that done as soon as we can.

We hope to have it available for download in about one week’s time.


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So far… AWESOME! Can’t wait for the Manager.


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Having the BeatBuddy without the manager software is like buying a brand new car and not being able to take it out of the driveway. Pretty to look at, nice to rev up the engine a bit but pretty much useless until I can drive it!


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…and so it begins. Horrible analogy. You have the BeatBuddy. You can use the BeatBuddy. The BeatBuddy in itself is a functional product, just ask the owners that actually have them. The software is an extension of it’s current functionality, and while it is still in development, it doesn’t take away from what the BeatBuddy already does. I’d much rather have the BeatBuddy sans software than no BeatBuddy at all.


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Very true but until we have the capability of organizing a set list, the BeatBuddy is unusable in a live context. Here’s hoping the “hopefully available next week” estimate holds up.


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Tele78 is right. At least as far as working/recording musicians are concerned. So far, I’ve been able to match the included songs to about 7 of the 100+ tunes I perform regularly. I don’t need marching, techno, world, reggae, metal, etc. I don’t want an intro on every song.

Granted, I’ve been doing my shows sans drums for a while, and I’m glad to be able to add a few drum beats to my set tomorrow, but the ability to PROGRAM a drum machine is a basic necessity. My Boss DR707 has preprogrammed songs, but I never used them. I programmed my own. As soon as it came out of the box.

We ARE happy to finally have the product. But to say we aren’t disappointed that the stated INCLUDED software was NOT included would be an understatement. All the product video, demos, home page indicate INCLUDED BEAT BUDDY MANAGER. And it was not included. Why should we not be disappointed when we feel like we’ve been mislead? There should at least be a beta version up.


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While everything that is said here is actually true, and I agree that finally having your own BeatBuddy is a success, but not having manager software sucks ass, but let’s please calm down a bit and think about it for a second.

I totally support you in that until custom content could be created, BeatBuddy is unusable in live performance and stuff. But the same can also be said about the ability to use and to queue fills/transitions properly! You’re not going to perform anything until you nailed the physics of the BeatBuddy, how it responds to your taps, long presses, and so and so. I would use the “no software” time to train and figure out any technical issues in my playing with the pedal. Explore the content more. Initially I thought all Metal folder was barely useable myself, but then I tried strumming some easy shit on my guitar - and it simply sounded too awesome to stop doing that!! I ended up gigging for like 8 hours straight that day!

I also wrote what can be done to prepare yourself to the moment when BeatBuddy Manager is finally ready to download. You can refer to TLDR: prepare MIDI tracks.

As far as any beta versions - yes, there are. But there are compatibility issues that need to be solved there. Half ass decisions are never a clever idea. Believe me, using a probably bugged and definitely unsupported version is much worse than not using it at all!

A polished release version will be fully supported and pretty well documented. We want you to have the best experience in using BeatBuddy Manager!


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I hear ya… I have been using it to the extent I’m quite comfortable with it. Like I mentioned in another post, it’s extremely intuitive, at least it’s been for me. It took me about an hour to get over double tapping (which would queue the outro and end the song when I just wanted a transition), but no other problems with use.

I’m about to have another session to see if I can match any of the other preprogrammed songs for my performance tomorrow. I WILL be using it, regardless of how much or how little I can adapt to my set.

Maybe I should just learn some 50 Cent and Snoop Dog, set some techno beats, and expand my repertoire… probably make more in tips. :wink:


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I have the beatbuddy and it’s staying in the box until the software makes it realistic for me to use in a professional live performance!


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I’m glad to hear it is “about” a week out. Let’s hope the timeframe doesn’t change like the delivery date of the beat buddy’s. I’d like to start getting my list ready as well. It’s all well and good to talk about how much work has been done and getting kudos out to the guys for the hard work, but the reality is there has been over 6 months to get this together. It is probably closer to a year but I don’t know that for sure. I can’t understand how it is late…in getting out to us. The Beat Buddy itself is late, so if we had gotten the beat buddy by the promised date, the program manager would have been almost two months late in getting to us? Imagine if you got a new computer and couldn’t fully use it because it was missing a piece of the puzzle…that would go over like a lead balloon (or led Zeppelin depending on who you are listening to).


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I started playing around with BB tonight for the first time, and really enjoying the way it works right out of the box. After a few hours of jamming I came here to download the software & begin really digging into it, arranging kits, songs, etc.

So now I am a bit taken aback that there’s NOTHING available yet at this stage. Even a Beta version would be highly appreciated and something we could all provide feedback on in the user forum. This fantastic pedal is truly capable of a great deal, but being stuck with the factory presets only is a little like owning an Atari 2600 with just the “Combat” Cartridge…:slight_smile:

Any ETA on this?

PS. Other than that, I really love it so far!


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I believe David stated something like a one week time frame, but I may be wrong.

Having a beta version of the software can unfortunately overload our support with lots of issues, that are going to be fixed in the final version. And our support is already extremely busy helping you, guys!


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Guys, it should be just one week, max two. Sorry about the delay. But you would be quite frustrated with the software at this stage – there are some bugs that we need to work out.


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OK… it’s been a WEEK! :wink: Waiting… as patiently… as I can… :smiley:


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Bump for importance. Manager is almost entirely essential to my and many others workflow and creative adventures.