BeatBuddy Manager Question

I haven’t been able to figure out how to write a track in a DAW for BeatBuddy, so I’ve just been creating in the BeatBuddy Manager editor. Works OK I suppose. My question is, are the Transition Fills limited to one measure? I created a transition that was four measures long but it only played the first measure of it before moving on to the next Main Drum Loop. I guess I’d have the same question about Drum Fills. I think I’ve made some longer than one measure but I haven’t been able to find any to be sure.

Hey there, transition fills can be longer! The only thing is you have to hold down the main pedal until the last measure of the transition for it to play it fully (or wait to send CC113 value 0 over MIDI until the last measure of transition).


Ah, that makes sense. Now that you mention it, I do that (hold down the pedal) when I play “Ain’t No Sunshine” during the extended “I know, I know…” part. Thanks Brennan; that helps a lot.


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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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