BeatBuddy Manager Update Question

Hey everyone,

Just taking an informal poll here:

We have a manager version that should include numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Originally, we had planned to release this version with an autopilot beta, but one of the latest builds broke autopilot.

So here’s my question.

Do you guys want us to release the update with what we have now or should we hold off until we get the autopilot working again?

I’m hoping that even if we hold off, it shouldn’t take too long, but sometimes bugs can be a pain to find and fix. Either-way the autopilot update should come soon.

Just respond and let me know your thoughts: Wait for autopilot or release what we have then update later.


What is autopilot?

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Ah! I’ve been used to talking to the internal testers so I forgot to explain it. :open_mouth:

Autopilot is a feature that allows the pedal to play through songs in an automated way.

Basically, you can set each song part to play for a set number of measures before transitioning to the next one.

This is of course able to be interrupted so you can still insert a fill, extend a part, or trigger a transition early.

So, basically, we can turn parts-based songs into OPs? I don’t need it, but if I understood how it actually works (how I take it over, etc.) I MIGHT want it. Either way (and this is just one data point) I’d probably wait. But I’m not building out a catalog (which is where this could be most useful), newer users might be, and might have a different response.

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Yeah, it sounds like you’ve got the jist of it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the input!

I’d love to see the update now without the Autopilot as I am way more interested in the bug fixes - hoping for a fix of creating gig list with direct copy & paste option between lists (currently with v1.67 painful or not possible).
Definitely an early release without Autopilot & the update later.
If you thinking of more beta testing - I’m all up for it in that case, please send me a link for the file.

Cheers, Wolf

Wolf brings up an interesting point: What exactly IS in the update? That would make it a lot easier to decide if I have to have it. Got a README somewhere?

Actually it isn’t strictly speaking a One Press as it does not play a start to finish and it still uses all the parts, It means instead of tapping the switch to transition, for example you can set it to play, say variation 1, for 27 bars then hit a transition then go to variation 2. But you can still over-ride this by doing a long press to go back one or indeed a tap for a fill. THe song still plays forever and has no fixed end point, like a OP song. If I get the auto-pilot thing correctly that is…

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Release what you have now, and update the auto-pilot when ready

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Just got a chance to look at this now - been filming product stuff all day.

As for the changes - I had to scroll through some 200 messages, so I may be missing something but here’s what’s included:

  • reworked update functionality (you can now check for new versions in app)
  • Mac sync issue fixed
  • Folder naming and song naming issues for Mac fixed
  • Double clicking to name/rename
  • Major performance improvements that should be noticeable across the board. In some cases we noticed an improvement in load times by as much as 94%!
  • Fixed bug where data would be lost due to names that contain a period as well as those which start with, or end with numbers.
  • Ability to resize left column with song names
  • Updated the code’s core dependencies and framework (not something you might notice, but it was substantial work and will help us develop quicker in the future)
  • Made improvements to the MIDI editor stability, especially in relation to odd time signatures.

As I said, there’s more that I’m likely forgetting. Additionally, I think it’s important to note that this build does have a few primarily graphic related glitches due to the massive changes to the code. Things like song names becoming garbled can occur and we need additional testing to help figure out why.

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I vote for the update as is and adding hte auto-pilot later when ready!


+1 on release now. How about we get an alpha sorted drum kit list soon? (Within a song drop down, especially.)


Yeah, update now, if tested well enough, and then, auto-pilot later when it’s been well-tested!

YES! Release now would be great :slight_smile:

+1 release now

release now and include a overall drum kit volume setting please :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suspect we would need a corresponding firmware update in order to use the auto pilot feature anyhow

I’d love a BeatBuddy Manager Update!

Autopilot Is already implemented on the firmware side. Not to make y’all jealous, but we’ve had a few people using it now in performance settings.

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I would love to see the auto pilot feature. Sometimes it would be great to program an entire song like a traditional drum machine and have a time source trigger it to record. I have played with this in the intro section but not had a ton of luck. The BB drum sounds are top notch and would be great to add this feature.

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