BeatBuddy Manager Update Question

YES! Release now would be great :slight_smile:

+1 release now

release now and include a overall drum kit volume setting please :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suspect we would need a corresponding firmware update in order to use the auto pilot feature anyhow

I’d love a BeatBuddy Manager Update!

Autopilot Is already implemented on the firmware side. Not to make y’all jealous, but we’ve had a few people using it now in performance settings.

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I would love to see the auto pilot feature. Sometimes it would be great to program an entire song like a traditional drum machine and have a time source trigger it to record. I have played with this in the intro section but not had a ton of luck. The BB drum sounds are top notch and would be great to add this feature.

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Based on almost 4 years playing live with BB I see no use for Autopilot (and a number of other features you list) but Mac sync fixed I’m very happy. Interrogating folder contents and more useful Midi editor for debugging is high on my list

Hi ! I prefer the update without the autopilot.

Wait until it’s stable before release.

Alrighty - so the majority of votes seem to be for a non-autopilot update now, then an update later when we’ve got autopilot functioning. Thanks for sharing! We’ll package the update and have it released by the end of this week then, along with a complete explanation of changes. :slight_smile:


Plus one for release the update and fix / add autopilot late once it is functioning as intendedr. :slight_smile:

I say lets wait for you to finish the full update. Always best rather than keep updating…

If the Mac sync issue is fixed release this NOW!

Greetings, Anthony.
I would be keen on having and testing the BB Manager update that you already have, without the autopilot. I’ve been using the manager extensively during the recent months and though I’ve become quite proficient at making the most of it I’d welcome any improvements.

I would love to run the beta with the autopilot,
if there are issues then convert back to the previous version firmware.

Also I would like to see BB midi manger with ability to remove or add measures at the beginning of midi file.

And copy paste parts In midi file.

Are you considering a iOS version of BB Manager?

BTW I use a Mac.

I vote for the update as is and adding hte auto-pilot later when ready!

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Updating this real quick - having some last minute troubles with the installer, looks like it’s related to the windows 32 bit version. May have to release without 32 bit for the time being.

But, on the brightside, Autopilot appears to be mostly working again. :slight_smile:

Wait for Auto Pilot fix

I recommend releasing what you have now if it has already passed your unit tests and system integration tests. You have such a helpful user base that it would be to everyone’s benefit.