BeatBuddy Manager -- Version 1.33



Latest version: BeatBuddy Manager Software 1.64 (Win/Mac)



This version is truly amazing!
Love the Virtual Machine screen visualization! :slight_smile:


First, at this point I agree don’t rush to put out a flawed Mac version. Hopefully there will some people here who can volunteer their Mac programming skills to help. If not, I guess it’s time to give up the gelt and hire programmers. ;-))

Second, is this new Windows version still Beta or is it considered a fully operational non-beta first release version?

Thank you.


I followed the instructions…replaced the card back into the beat buddy…and all i have on the screen is updating beat buddy …its been over 15 min. I know this is not normal.
what have i done, or whats going on? pleaseeeeee help


I did… Import-Export > Synchronize Project will save just the changes that were made in the BB Manager to the SD card, so you don’t have to transfer the entire project back to the SD card after editing.
BUT YET …NOTHING on my card now when put back into the beat buddy.
Do i have to export back onto card anyway?..and seemingly so…how do i do that?


Import-Export > Synchronize Project actually does nothing fancy. It checks which parts of your content have changed, and uploads those parts only.

Anyways, if you are having problems with the software, you can always resort to using brute force. Simply navigate to wherever your project is located on your hard drive (you will need folders SONGS, DRUMSETS, EFFECTS and all others). Simply copy them to the SD card, and there you’ll have it!

So, what is your problem again?



Just installed 1.33 but disappointed to note that the distorted sound playback has not been cured. Any progress on this?


by the way guys, the link in the downloads page for the BeatBuddy Manager software download appears to be out of date, the link address seems to be invalid


Hello, waterden.
Yes, distorted sound issue is currently being tested. Please contact David Packouz directly, as I have no sufficient rights to distribute such content. There is a version specifically targeted to test this very problem. If the fix proves sufficient, it will be used in later versions of BBManager and, most importantly, in the upcoming Mac version.


The link is now working.


I dont mean to be a complete idiot …When i go to the export import link on bb manager…WHICH EXPORT do i use to get it all back into the pedal? AND…the card shows up fine on my computer…BUT…when i put it back into the pedal…NOTHING…Sorry, this computer stuff is simple for some , but not easy for the simple :slight_smile:


Have you read and followed the instructions above and watched my tutorial videos? The process has not changed in v1.33 and is the same as it has always been - you need to synchronise the project.


Awesome, I can start posting songs again! :smiley:


OKAYYYYYY…weird. the pedal just started working.
Like outta the blue…Yay for me…But weird.
Thanks for all of you guys help tho!


I installed 1.33 and now notice a delay in starting of tunes. A huge delay in previewing parts. Meaning, without the song running I click on the fills, intro etc there is a delay sometimes requiring more than one click to play.

Also, why is there no email notices of these updates?


You simply have to wait for a while after the playback ends.


Don’t recall having to “wait for a while” in the previous version


I’ve just tested both 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 version, and I can confirm the time you need to wait after the playback stops is very close.


For all of us using the Mac workaround Winebottler - can you please post the new 1.33 manager with the folder with all it’s files and not just the .exe file like you did with the last version? Thanks alot!


Okay, I will do that tomorrow!