BeatBuddy Midi Editor

I am new to the Beatbuddy Manager but I have learned a lot about by watching videos. Something I haven’t been able to figure out though has to do with accessing the built in BeatBuddy Midi Editor. I see on the video I am watching that if you right click on the main drum loop ,for example, in the BB Manager you should get a menu that has 2 items: 'Create Midi Pattern" and “Add From Midi File”. When I do the same thing, I get a different menu “Play”, “copy”, “Paste” and “Export Midi File”

Any advice as to what I need to do would be greatly appreciated.

Gary G

It’s on p.8 of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Quickstart Guide resources

Right- (or control-) click on the section you want to edit and a contextual menu appears. Select Edit… (recommend you press No at the Quantize MIDI Pattern prompt).