BeatBuddy Midi Map Spreadsheet

I created this file for a project I’m working on and I thought it might be useful for anyone wanting to compare kits. Its a list of instruments in each kit and the note number plus the General Midi note list.

It’s not complete - it’s missing a few premium kits, plus I also hope to add the user made kits that are here on the forum.

If you wish do download the sheet as a file for your own use you can do if you are using the desktop site and choose the Download option from the File menu



Thanks, very usefull

Thank you very much!

Great work thank you very much

Nice work. What about adding the note name (ie, D2, D#2, E2…) in column B?

Wow, Thank you so much. This is very helpful!!

Awesome. Thank you. I did something similar but this is better.

Great work. Very much appreciated

Thanks. This is fantastic.

Hi. Is the midi map for the “Jazz-Brushes” drum kit available ?

Thanks ! Chris G

Which one is that?

Here’s the link :

I’m guessing the midi map is pretty close to the “Jazz” drum set.

Yeah, sorry I don’t have that one so I haven’t added that to the spreadsheet. If you take a screen shot (or two - depending on how big your screen is and the number of instruments) of the list of instruments in the Beat Buddy Manager Midi Editor, I could add it for you.

Just tried to attach the screenshot. I think I can just use this so thanks very much for the hint.

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OK your sheet says “Tom 4”. The BB manager however, refers to Low Tom, Floor Tom etc. How do I cross-reference?
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 4.40.57 PM

You can use the number. In your example 41 is Low Tom 2 in general midi drums. The only BB kit that has a sound for that number in this list is the world percussion kit.

What are you trying to do?

I’m building a drum kit in Studio One’s Impact and duplicating it in the BB manager for use on the BB. The Drums don’t parallel a normal kit. The kit uses audio files that duplicate improvised rhythm instruments on some early post-war blues records. Some are referred to as “Swamp Blues”. So I have to take, for instance, the toms and use their midi number for other instruments. Studio one refers to Toms as 1,2,3 etc without reference to their pitch. Just trying to sort all this out…

Guys, help required
I really love the sound of Pearl Piccolo snare (this one), what’s the closest sound I can get from BeatBuddy?

If you have that snare, you can sample it, i.e., record it, and produce 16 or 24 bit 44.1khz wav files. Then put those into a BB kit. That would be how to get that sound from the BB.