Beatbuddy midi map

Does anyone happen to have a map of the midi notes to instruments used by beatbuddy?
Thanks for your help.

Try these:

Thank you so very mush. I have been searching the forums for midi maps but never came across this.
thanks again!!!

This link does not exist anymore. Could you share this info again? I am looking for the midi notes range for the different midi instruments beatbuddy supports. For example, I have a midi file with brass… and I do not know how I need to transpose those brasses in a DAW to be able to hear them in Beatbuddy
Thanks a bunch!

Depending on the BBM kit you intend to use, for your song, you will have to raise all of the brass notes several octaves. Usually Phil Flood’s kits include notes in a pdf that tell you the range and relative position of the drums, bass and other instruments.

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Thanks a lot! Has anyone suggested to keep all kits users have share to the community in a single place?

If you consider the forum a single place, they’re all here (split in two sections). :roll_eyes: