Beatbuddy mini silent

I have an older beatbuddy mini, which has performed faultlessly for years except for the genre light being a little temperamental. When doing a sound check for a gig today it has gone silent. The display works, all controls work the signal goes through and works, but no sound whatever level the volume is set at… any suggestions?

I got through the gig using the drum machine built into my loop pedal, but it’s clearly nowhere near as good.


Only things I can think of are to swap out the patch cables. I

If it has a headphone output, you can test that.

You could open it up and check that the output jacks are making solid contact.

If you have an analog ohmmeter and if it measures decibels, you might be able to check if there’s any output at the jacks.

Good luck and let us know what you did to get it working again.

I tried the patch cables, swapping them out. There is no headphone jack, I’m assuming the jack’s are all making good contact because the signal from the guitar and effects goes through without any degradation. I also tried swapping the power supply. I guess the next step is to open it up before heading to buy a new drum pedal.