BeatBuddy Next Section (CC102) only sends on channel 1

I’m having a problem with MIDI out on the BeatBuddy. I have the BeatBuddy MIDI out set to channel 4. However, when switching sections, the CC102 is sent out only on Channel 1. Can this be fixed please!?!?


i have same issue except its causing my digital mixor to mess with settings on channel 1 please help

Well, given that this bug has persisted for a couple of years now, its unlikely its on anyone’s radar to fix. :frowning:

Edited for clarity:

Have both Beatbuddy, and Aeros. Love them both, but I’m running into this same issue.

I have my Aeros set to Midi in channel = 15. Beatbuddy set Midi Output Type = MIDI-MERGE, Output Channel = 15. All control from beatbuddy works except CC-102 (next part trigger at end of transition).
Why does that CC send to channel 1, and not to the chosen midi output channel? I can set tempo, time signature, start and stop the aeros via beatbuddy, but next part won’t trigger.

I have my Volante set to midi channel 1, and both my ES-8, and MC8 have been setup with that in mind. CC102 is the bypass command for the Volante, and so having both Aeros and Volante respond to that channel brings up some further issues.

Is there something I am missing?
Aeros firmware v3.3
Beatbuddy firmware v3.8


BUG FIXED! (Firmware 3.9.0)


This is fixed in beta version so tagging as #beta, thank you!