Beatbuddy power

My original SD card works in the manager, but my pedal will not power on. I followed the instructions for rewriting the disk, as seen on other posts, and it yielded the same result… works in the manager, but my pedal is dead. I also tried making a new SD card using the backup files download, and had the same result… works in the manager, but not the pedal.

Did you follow the instructions on the first post of this thread? Pedal does not power on

If you did and it still does not work, it’s best to contact Support, for help.

I did, and it did not work. Thanks.

Any chance it’s the power adapter?

  • Make sure it’s plugged into a live outlet or try a different outlet.
  • If you happen to have a voltmeter check the adapter output.
  • Try a different adapter. Be sure it’s 9vdc with a (-) negative tip. BB doesn’t draw much current, so most adapters with correct DC voltage should work. (The barrel connectors on adapters are not all the same size, so if it doesn’t fit, don’t try to force it)
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I wish. Not a chance, though. Tried an independent 9v as well as a brick, both of which were functional with other pedals at the same power requirement.

I’ve sent you a DM; check your forum inbox.