Beatbuddy setup for Midi Maestro

What setting,if any do i need to change in the beatbuddy when i connect the Midi Meastro. The BB seems slow to react sometimes. I am assuming that there is a midi setting i need to change in the BB.



Hey there,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, there shouldn’t be much latency between the MIDI Maestro and the BeatBuddy, have you tried another MIDI cable? If you could take a video of what’s going on that might help me understand what you mean specifically, thank you and let me know!

Also more info on the full setup may be helpful here, thanks!

I guess what I really meant was if I have a a BB and an MM straight out the box do I have to make any changes in the BB default parameters.

I seem to remember a video that showed what to change but I can’t find it anymore.



You can try resetting the BB settings in the settings menu at the bottom of the settings page. You can also try re-installing the BeatBuddy firmware

Let me know if this works!