BeatBuddy songs and kit database online

Thanks largely to help from namedeplu[SIZE=4]me, there is now an online database listing which songs work with which beats as well as download links for all custom songs. There are currently 238 songs that work with default BB beats and 122 custom beats - many with bass. Each list allows you to filter, search, or download as PDF (or Excel or CSV). Check:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]If you have songs or kits you’d like added to the database, please send me or namedeplume a message, and we can add it. Hope this resource is valuable and continues to grow.[/SIZE]

Really great initiative, guys!

Thanks for compiling and maintaining that list. Keep up the good work!

Wow! What an amazing resource. Compliments and gratitude to everyone involved!

Nice! Thanks too all.

Nice work Chicago Joe. Makes finding very easy.

Hi guys. That site is excellent. Well done, you have created a great resource. I’m so glad and happy to have contributed. One of the songs I suggested was Dancing in the Moonlight with Country 1 at 130 Bpm. But the song I use it for is the Thin Lizzy song. Not Toploader or Van the Man. I hope this helps.

Keep up the good work. It’s amazing!!!

Ok - From here on out, add a song to the master list using this form. Your entry will NOT update immediately, I will review it (just to make sure it’s from a human) and add it to the list!

Can we have a seperate list for songs used in Church quite a few people including myself use the BB during Church services or are you happy them just being added to the main list.

P40 - I was actually going to ask you what you think is best. I could set it up either way. We could also add a field or just put ‘worship’ in the notes. Let me know what you think would work best in the long run, and I’ll set it up. I also already added links to your fantastic video tutorials!

The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning toward adding a ‘genre’ field…

Personally I think a seperate list would be good, thanks ever so much, thanks too for the nice comments on the video tutorials.

Thank you all for the excellent source! A huge help!

Many thanks to all contributors!
It really adds vakue to the product, and makes me even more happy with my purchase!

Ok - that’s set up with a handful of sample entries from one of your posts - there is a now a “Worship Songs” item in the “Lists” menu (or go to: I checked the Worship Songs thread, and the songs listed there do not have consistent information and formatting. If one of you (perhaps pstrdenver?) would be willing, I’d happily give you access to the spreadsheet at the back end to enter the song info. It’s just a GDoc sheet that will automatically update the web site. It’s a bit of work, but you’ll never have to alphabetize or anything again once all the songs are entered. Just send me a message with your email address, and I’ll give you editing rights.


Extremely cool!

Nice work, im so happy to have found this link. So much more fun now with the variety of songs and their respective beats. Thanks again. Where does one find the list of songs with their accompanying bass lines, is that a separate list somewhere else? Thanks again.

In the “Custom Songs” list, you can filter on the word “bass.”


A couple things - I added a “blog” section - mostly to catalog the growing number of cool videos available.

Also - The site really needs a volunteer to add/curate the “worship songs” list that was requested and added. It’s simple - just updating a spreadsheet. Takers?


Just click on the “Bass” Header twice and all the ones with Bass lines will sort to the top.

I’ll take that on. Just let me know what you need from me.