Beatbuddy songs

I purchased the mini 2. It seems there’s not many songs available for the Mini 2 on the song site, That I type in. I noticed the premium library has all beat buddy selections for such songs, but not mini 2 selections? Why is that?

Because you can’t add ANYTHING to the Mini. It only has what was put on it at the factory, and there is no way to alter it.

Im referring to the song list with the different songs available. Why are their not many not set up to use with betbuddy mini 2, but set up with beatbuddy?
Example, wonderful tonight song isnt avaible for mini2 but only for beatbuddy?

Ok, better. Singular did not update the list. Users have submitted recommended selections for a variety of songs, but they were never consolidated into that list. Let me see if I can come up with worthwhile search terms.

Try this link:

See what’s on the Wayne’s list at the bottom of the page.

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Check out my list. file

Look for my list. hope you find it and i hope there’ll be something there for you to start with.

Thanks, but where do I find the list again?