BeatBuddy: STOP with 1 tap of main foot switch

I’d like to join the chorus of people who have requested that the BB have an option to stop playback with one tap of the main foot switch. Both the double-tap Outro and 3-tap Stop are kind of clunky, and I most frequently just want it to stop when I want it to stop.

I can’t imagine this is so difficult to implement, but what do I know, I guess? In any case, perhaps it could be included as an option in the next firmware update. Thanks for considering.

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Sounds like a good idea. How would you like to start playback—double- or triple-tap? Although it sounds simple, it might not be as they would have to change the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as well as the pedal. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’d just a like a simple, single-tap START, and a single-tap STOP, like any other effect pedal.

If managed in the software, or on the hardware itself, provide an option to enable the single-tap behavior, and make any affected attributes no longer available in the software (i.e. “greyed out”)

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While you’re at it, might as well have options to assign any action to single, hold, double, and dare I say, triple click for the BB button (as well as the external buttons).

This gets SS out of the “understand what works best for you” game.


Stop is definitely overlooked in the button design. Stop should be an action that can be assigned to any button. Stop is different than Pause (obviously) because it returns you to the beginning of the song and enables the buttons to select the next song. With Pause you are stuck in the song still and the buttons behave as if the song was still playing (accent and unpause only).

Also agree with Quad above, HOLD should be an assignable option for any button, in addition to single click and double click. Then you could have it Stop the song if you click the pause button and hold it. Triple click stop is clunky and double clicking the outro obviously you have to play through the whole outro.

I agree. It is ridiculous when performing to have to do a tap dance to make a pedal stop playing. There must be some way to program the pedal to know when it is in play mode and stop on 1 tap as well as know when it is in stop mode and start with 1 tap. Just getting frustrated, will this product ever live up to it’s potential???

Stop is more important to many people than a fill.

An option to map single press (not hold) release to stop and single press hold (after n milliseconds) to start transition to next part (and complete on release) is the ask.

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I agree with the importance of having a STOP function, but make it an assignable option for a separate foot switch, and leave main pedal as is, thereby leaving all the main pedal functions as intended.

This would make my life so much easier when gigging…!

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Even better would be the option of an assignable STOP and ACCENT HIT combined… I could then finish a song at any time with a crash cymbal (or whatever) instead of sitting through an Outro

Is there a midi command to stop? Currently I use pause and then change songs.

Do you want to stop immediately or go to the Outro Fill?

Singular Sound MIDI Commands - Google Sheets if you search the file within the BeatBuddy tab, you’ll find the MIDI command for STOP as well the SYSEX command for STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Thanks for the reply and help. My controller does not support SYSEX only CC and I don’t want an outro but a stop immediately like SYSEX command.

Can I set the foot switch to end a song with a single tap rather than a double tap on the main oedal

You can do this with the external footswitch (like the footswitch+) just set it to outro in the footswitch settings!

I do not understand what this means? I tried setting footswitch 1# to outro but it does nothing?

Yes yes yes please. Has this been solved as I cant find a solution anywhere. Thanks

Still no result from this request….

This topic has the highest number of views for over a year, so there is obviously a lot of interest in getting SS to make some minor changes to the firmware to enable a simple Stop (not Outro) single press option….

Is it really that hard???

Please add my vote to implement a single pedal push STOP. Or at least program an external footswitch to be stop….As it is right now, I have to program an external footswitch to pause, turn to my mixer and mute the Beat Buddy channel, double tap the main pedal to actually stop the Beat Buddy, then go back to the mixer to unmute the channel. Not really conducive to a smooth running show.

Why do you need to mute the BB? If you have the external footswitch then you can simply stop the song by holding down the main pedal once the song is paused (assuming you’ve setup the BB to work this way). My workflow at the end of a song is…(1) press pause on the external footswitch, (2) hold down main pedal to stop the song, (3) press the external footswitch to move to next song.

I set mine up to stop with a single tap of the external footswitch+
enter settings mode: (drum set + tempo)
---- 2nd footswitch function
----------2nd footswitch playing
----------------- Outro Fill

This will kick off the outro fill and then stop.

Because I don’t like the outro fill, I have the outro fill disabled, so that when I hit button 2, it just stops
------- main pedal