Beatbuddy updates - Drum Sets / PBF - Songs

Now I have the time to have a closer look at the Beatbuddy updates - Drum Sets as well as Content.
There are three issues I have:

  • I made a new SD-Card / new project (on a second PC)
  • I imported all new drum sets and all bought content I have
  • I imported also the old drum sets I used (because I am not sure, what happens to imported folders, that use the old drum sets??!)
  • so I imported old drum sets as well as drum sets I have renamed and made changes within

First problem with this: I now have a lot of drum sets wit (1) or (2) or (3) behind and am really confused, which is which and what is what . . .

I imported my PBFs from before. But: Are there all midi files included, that I use(d)? Are they then
new or old? There are songs, where I exported the midi files to change them and re-mported them with changed names. Will these changed midis be there and will these midis sound like before the “big” update or like after it?

Third: Is it “enough” to import my PBF-files and then ALL the songs are correctly there or do I have addionaly import all single songs (ok, I presume, this is not the case . . . ?)

I am at the beginning of this process, so I haven’t already checked the single files. Firstly I was so confused about the drum sets and all the * I have now in my folders and don’t know, which drum set I should assign to the single files - if I assign one, is this an old one or a new one? It seems, I can check this only by trial and error - by “hears good” or “not good” . . . .?

I thougth, with importing also the used old Drum Sets, I would not have any * signs in the songs, as the drum sets are there. Hm . …

If someone could give me a hint or a link to the right explanations I would be very thankful!

(ah, and last not least: If I work on midi files - what does “quantize” mean? I always don’t do it, as I don’t know, what it is good for. Ok, I should google for the translation in German … .)
Marina from Germany

Hi, Marina. Thank you very much for the details of what you have done and what you are experiencing. Especially nice that you translated this to English. I’ll try to address each of your problems.

  1. There is no need to import the old default and/or premium (Singular Sound) drum sets; almost all but the Latin drum set keep the same mapping as the version 1, 1.1 and 1.2 drum sets.
  2. Once imported, your PBFs should have all of the same contents (intro, fill, transition and outro) files as before. If you are using the v2.0 drum sets, they might sound slightly different but they will still use the same drum instruments. If you are importing user- or your own custom-made content with user-created kits, they should sound exactly the same as before.
  3. If all of your songs were exported as PBFs, and then imported again, you should not have to import single songs.
  • If you are still at the beginning of the process, you can try the steps from Adding Premium Content Full Library via BBM
  • Here’s a summary of the process:
  • From your existing project and from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), transfer only the PBFs with custom content (not the default or premium library content) to a new folder on your desktop
  • Do the same for your customized kits
  • Delete the contents of the SD card and then copy either the default content BeatBuddy backup or the latest Premium Library content to your SD card
  • Use the BBM to open the project from your SD card and accept the prompt to save on your computer—give the project a new name (NOTE: your computer project should now be the project that’s open in your BBM)
  • Import each PBF and customized kit from your new desktop folder
  • Click on the Drum Sets tab in the BBM and check the box for each of the customized kits you intent to use; you should not have duplicate drum sets, kits or folders and all of your beats, songs and kits should be aligned (no asterisks * appearing at the front of the Default Drum Set: names)

EDIT: I forgot to answer your “quantize” question. To understand what quantize does, it’s helpful to understand that the BeatBuddy (BB) system was designed to humanize a drummer’s performance—to make it slightly less precise than say, a metronome. Quantize attempts to adjust that imprecision. Here’s a better definition: