BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller - Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI Designer Pro (IOS)

Thanks - yeah that was one of the docs I already had :slight_smile: - I was really only sussing it out for the OP as I am already using my BB with channels other than 1 with great success - I was curious about the CC 102 he mentioned which sorta got me started on researching it a bit more.

I use an extension BB footswitch so previously had no need for selecting parts via MIDI, but I can see now there would be advantages to be able to implement it fully with no bugs!

New pics uploaded! This will be the final 1.0 GUI.

I have added a Stop button too. I think it is a good complement to the outro when do you require the drummer to shut up right now, and not after a few more bars of an outro.

BTW, I have made some more tests with the CC110 (Triggers an accent hit) and it doesn’t seem to be responsive to MIDI velocity, despite being described as if it were, even in the unit itself (at the “help” included in the BeatBuddy config menu). Any hint about this?

Quote from Phil_Flood:

Very nice. Have you considered adding a song name field?

I mostly prefer to make layouts where no edits at all are needed by the user.

However, the name fields are the kind of thing that usually forces us to break our own rules.

I know a method to make appear a window and the IOS Keyboard asking for the field name, it was already implemented in some of my previous Premium templates (Helix Floor and HX Stomp) and it works well for a limited array of names. However, for a device like the BeatBuddy where you have such a gigantic number of files, using numbers is usually the most universal and effective method to manage all that mess.

I have artificially limited the number of folders used by this Layout to 128 by using the first bank MSB only, but even so, we are talking about 16384 possible values. A big reason to seriously consider if manually write names in a MIDI controller isn’t another time consuming rabbit hole.

Drum Set names can be the exception here (although they can be up to 128), and this is why I have included that single user-editable element.
Unfortunately, the BeatBuddy implementation doesn’t MIDI-Out the current Drum Set when changing presets either, so the utility of the selector is limited to send only.
I’m a recent BeatBuddy user, but I think the Drum Set order isn’t static either.

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You are correct that drum set order is not static. It is also not sortable. I believe kits get appended to the end of drum kit list as they added. However, editing a kit also changes its position in the drum kit list. Folders hold their position, as do songs within folders. New songs and new folders can be inserted as the User wills, but folder size is limited to 99 songs.

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And, I’m looking forward to trying your controller.

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It’s online now! :star_struck:

Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!


V1.1 Update - Released on September 19 2020

What’s new?
128 Drum Set User Presets

  • New “R” button (Rename) to easily label your Drum Sets on the controller side.
  • New Drum Set “Reorder” feature (also on the Drum panel). Associate any Preset to any Drum Set number, then press the “R” button to rename and store it.
  • Songs number limited to 99 (as it is in the BeatBuddy)
  • Minor graphic fixes

V1.2 Update - Released on September 22 2020

What’s new?
User Setlist with 128 Presets

  • Store up to 128 user presets (Select Folder and Song, then press the “S” button to enter a name and store the preset in the desired location)

This means that the Drum Set picker is no longer duplicated on the Main L panel.

Now you have a much more useful “User Setlist” picker there to store any Folder+Song combination and write any name on the controller side.

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Hey Ed, this looks like a very cool way to handle this. I’ll try to test it out later this week, depending upon tasks assigned by wife.

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Be also useful if you could also release an iPhone version. I have all my iOS stuff mirrored on my iPhone as a backup to the iPad. $20 seems fair (although in Oz that’s near $40 haha) … no trial version, or one with “IAP’s” so a user can decide of they want to buy or not?

Yesterday I bought the Midi Controller. Like Ed said you need an additional app (MIDI Designer Pro cost $9.99 in the Apple Store) to open the Controller. So, it is a couple of more bucks. But worth it. And, if you ask me, you want to fully recover the investment of the BeatBuddy. And this is the app a lot of us were waiting for.

Loved the Controller. It actually does what I need it to do, so we don’t have to keep going to the floor while performing, specially at my age. And, it doesn’t look good going down to the machine to change settings during a performance in this era where everything is video recorded.

With the Controller you can do a lot of things, but for me, I specially like that you can adjust the DrumSet volume while playing. For example, I forget that I have to turn down the volume of “The Heat is On”, one of the best arrangement I’ve downloaded here, before hitting START.

The learning curve is about 30 minutes until you figure out the settings. Please read the 2 figures that Ed provides with the software.

I am using the software so I can quickly try the last songs I downloaded from the Forum to select which ones I’m going to perform live, because it is very easy to choose the song that you want to rehearse. And even save that preset for later.

Also, it can be used with other apps at the same time(I used it with OnSong).

At last but least, I liked the Song controls (Starts/Fills/Outro), specially the Outro, because sometimes I don’t get the Outro right with my feet in songs that OPB. So, with the app is easier.

Recommendation for the User: Take your time and Rename the DrumSets in the Midi Controller with your BeatBuddy settings.

There is a couple of suggestions, but I believe that Ed is going to take care of them soon; right now they don’t impair your playing. On the contrary, help your efficiency and effectiveness in your practice time.


thanks for the review…I might just “bite the bullet” and buy it…


Just a “heads-up” those looking to alter MIDI channels may have to add the Stream Byter option to MDP. This plugin allows re-mapping of MIDI channels (without the need to individually change the channel on every button and control). Seems the coder has “hard-wired” channel 1 into all the controls.

To change the channel for all controls, in design view double-tap page tab, then click Controls. You can use “Renumber Controls (Channel & CC)” to change “Channel Only” for all controls.

ahh ok cool - thanks for the tip - I thought it wasn’t possible 'in-app" , well without doing it manually for every control and button. Nice to know there is an “over-arching” control there :slight_smile:

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@BlueSkyIS Is that now not the case?

Quote from pax-eterna: Seems the coder has “hard-wired” channel 1 into all the controls.

It’s just set on MIDI channel 1 by default. It’s where the infamous CC-102 will work.

At the present moment you can use any other MIDI channel but the CC-102 (current part) will not work due to the Firmware bug mentioned on post #7 on this same thread.

This layout was intentionally built to operate on any MIDI channel [1-16], and it works as intended. (it’s just the BB and it’s firm bug that doesn’t)

Quote from BlueSkylS: To change the channel for all controls, in design view double-tap page tab, then click Controls. You can use “Renumber Controls (Channel & CC)” to change “Channel Only” for all controls.

Exactly, this is the way to do it at the present moment (V1.2). And you have to do that for every single page (except the Credits, obviously).
But this has to be solved on the next update.
MIDI Designer #1 Rule: The ideal situation is the one where the user doesn’t need to use Design mode at all.

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Yeah true Ed - re last line! It’s still a GREAT job though!


Okay, so bottom line: What do I need and what does it do for me?

The description is right under the photos in the original post.

" * Full tactile control over your BeatBuddy using MIDI over Bluetooth or MIDI to USB connections.

  • Bidirectional communication between your BeatBuddy and your iPad."

etc., etc.,

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