BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller - Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI Designer Pro (IOS)

I might be able to help, as I recently imported a layout into MDP2 (Midi Designer Pro 2). Here is the way I did it:

  1. Set up a Dropbox account ( and upload the layout file there.
  2. Install Dropbox on your iOS device and log in.
  3. In Dropbox on iOS, find the layout file you uploaded, click the … button and select Export.
  4. In the Export window, click “Open in…” and select MDP2.
    That should open the layout in MDP2.

While you are doing this, you might want to set up MDP2 to auto-save to your Dropbox account. That is in MDP2 at Config->Actions->Automatic Backups to Cloud (IAP).


Thank You, It worked immediately, it’s now operating on my iPad and I can see the program changes drum patches as it should be working on the iPad. I appreciate the help.

I have also connected to Bluetooth in OnSong … I can see it’s connected, so it’s not the connection over Bluetooth … BUT what is it?

I disconnected OnSong so Midi Control is the only Bluetooth device using the connection, but

As for Wireless Midi Controller … It’s not sending the drum kits to the BeatBuddy …

I must be nearly there …

Hello, I’m at the point you were in connecting Ed_saxmans midi controller, I feel the solution … it’s close

Did you sort the missing ‘link’?

If MDP2 and OnSong are on the same iPad, they can communicate via midi without bluetooth or anything.

I don’t own a BeatBuddy, so my first question is: Does the BeatBuddy support wireless midi? If not, you’ll need a wireless midi receiver connected to the BeatBuddy, or use a midi cable from iPad to BeatBuddy. I typically use a Mio midi adaptor to connect my iPad in the midi chain.

Beyond connections, you’ll need to make sure MDP2 is sending on the same midi channel that BeatBuddy is listening on.

Perhaps someone more familiar with BeatBuddy midi control could chime in here?

FYI, I’m in the US. I believe you are in New Zealand? So, we would be in very different time zones. :slight_smile: I visited Auckland for a short business trip 20 years ago. I hope to get back some day and see something more than the inside of buildings and the ocean driving by.

Hello, and thank you for the quick response. I didn’t realise MDP2 and OnSong could communicate. I would like to know more about that.

I have connected BeatBuddy with Bluetooth. I fear wireless will cause problems when there’s no signal.

I’m in New Zealand yes, and spent 3 months in the South USA (Texas across to Florida) travelling in 2015. What an incredible country. I loved it.

It’s still not working. This isn’t easy at all.

I’ve got the iPad AND BeatBuddy set up as per Phil_Flood recommendations

The Bluetooth adapter is ‘blinking’ and I CAN see the adapter has connected on my iPad

The BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller isn’t connected to the wifi … could this be a problem?

I can’t see how to connect wirelessly

No. Bluetooth doesn’t use wifi. Bluetooth devices typically communicate directly with each other.

If possible, I would connect the iPad to the BeatBuddy with wired MIDI first. Once I got that working, I would try bluetooth if necessary.

Next: Is the MDP2 sending on the same MIDI channel that BeatBuddy is listening on?

I connected with wires and it worked immediately

I have been notified of a problem with Bluetooth BT01 connector that now needs a firmware update.

I’ll enjoy the BeatBuddy a bit before I open that can of worms

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