Best beat creator software for Windows 10

Hey, folks! Can anyone suggest a good software package for creating my own midi files that I can then load into the Beat Buddy? Looking for:
– Ease of use - as I’m a bit of a neophite
– good, realistic drum tone
– reasonably affordable
– ability to create the right file type to export into the Beat Buddy “user lib” folder for further upload into Beat Buddy (I guess that would be BBT files, whatever that is).

As always, many thanks, and you do indeed rule.

Good 'n cheap? You can try the free version of Presonus Studio (cheap but not sure if that good); Reaper is trial ware; reasonably cheap and good; I’m sure there are other DAWs (digital audio workstation) out there but I don’t think they’ll meet your criteria. All of them have a pretty steep learning curve and if you aren’t willing or capable of investing the time and energy to learn how to use them, then probably best not to waste your time. Some users like this

Ain’t no such critter yet as the BeatBuddy (BB) files are in a proprietary format managed by the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) so best you spend your time learning how to use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) ; a good starting point might be the reference materials for the pedal and software and you can read more in this link resources

Once you’re up and running with the BBM, you can check out some of the tutorials posted by forum users to give you an idea of what’s involved using a DAW.

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