Blues Brothers “Respect” and “She Caught The Katy”

Hi BB Friends. I would be most grateful if someone could point me towards OP tunes for “Respect” and “She Caught The Katy”. I am building a set-list for a couple casual tap-room gigs. I wish I had the skills to create them myself. But alas, I don’t and I am hopeful for someone’s generosity. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, HH

I’ll take care of Respect but it’s the Aretha version.

I’m working up She Caught the Katy.


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Good evening Phil,
Thanks so very much for putting “She Caught the Katy” together. Works great and I could not be more appreciative. I have previously enjoyed you work via “Supernatural Thing” among other tunes in the past.

I continue to be amazed by the willingness to assist others and general comradery present within the Forum community.

Thanks again. Hugh

Dear Persist,
Thanks you for your efforts once again. I look forward to jamming with “Respect” as your time permits.

I continue to be most appreciative of the willingness to help other Forum members I have seen within the group since I became involved. You are certainly a fine example of this.

Warmest Regards, Hugh

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Appreciate the kind remarks, Hugh. Respect has been posted.