STAX EPiano & Horns (STAX Piano 4Part, STAX ePiano v2)

This replaces STAX EPiano and Horns kits. Drums are improved, with multi-sampled Logic Pro X Motown Revisited kit, replacing the Single sampled Logic So-Cal kit. See kit map for details.

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I tried adding this with File- Import- Drumset, then I choose the .drm file, but I get this message: “Drumset ‘STAX EPiano & Horns’ is already in the project with identical content. Nothing to do here!”
I’m sure I don’t have it already, what should I do?

I have not ever had that happen, unless the drum kit was, in fact, already in my project. Check at the bottom of your list of drum kits in BB Manager, and see if it is there.

Thanks for the reply Phil. I checked and it’s not there, I just have ‘standard’ through ‘voice’ in my kits (the default ones). This is the first drumset I’ve tried to add.

Try a different kit and see what happens. Try the Santana kit.

And, before you try to add it, quit and restart BB Manager.

Okay, it’s working now. After restarting, I downloaded and put Santana in my user_lib- drum_sets next to Stax. I looked and there was a checkbox next to both of these that I had to click over to the left. Thanks for the help Phil.

In the future, just use BB Manager to songs and drum kits in and out of your BB Workspace. If you do it manually with the computer’s OS, you will eventually crash the BB Manager system, and will have to follow the Disaster Recovery process.

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Thank you for very useful Kit Phil