Bluetooth on Aeros to reduce 'bending over' during performance?

This has probably already been discussed - but, as I’m trying out the Aeros, there’s the old problem (with just about every looper) that you can only do so much with your feet, and some things require bending over to the touchscreen.

I have a Boss GT1000 (guitar pedalboard, not looper) that has a simple but very helpful Bluetooth App, allowing all kinds of selections and changes to be made from standing height with a phone or pad.

Is kind of functionality in the future prospective plans?
It might be a make or break for me - and would certainly set the Aeros further apart.

Here’s hoping…,



Yeah, I worked for some time with a Line6 Firehawk that had a mobile app to control anything from the screen, very very useful!!
So many great features are coming with Bluetooth i think, at least that’s my hope!
In particular, I’m looking forward for MIDI over Bluetooth… Is this happening in the near future @DavidPackouz? :smiley:

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I could really see BT via a phone or pad for song selection, saving, mixing, muting etc.

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We have… plans :eyes:
What are the plans? …
They’re planny

Stay tuned!

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This is what I had in mind a log time ago…

Honestly… Don’t do anything fancy. The only possibilities are:

  • MIDI in support
  • MIDI out support
  • audio in support
  • audio out support
  • some secret proprietary nonsense

I guarantee no one is interested in the last one until you’ve done the first four… So just implement the standards.

Implement midi over ble using the open standards. There are open source projects that have done this on Arduino. It should be super easy to basically just copy the knowledge from them.

Combined with the fact that you’re about to release the “everything controllable over MIDI” firmware (right?). We’ll then be able to do anything we want over ble using apps that are already available. If you do anything proprietary then it will need to be backed up with yet another set of applications, that singular will have to write… More software work is not your strong suit, so it will just be another undelivered on promise.

You’ve been teasing these “we’ve got super secret special plans for Bluetooth” posts for literally years. It’s, to be honest, silly. If these features were just around the corner, then being coy is just about acceptable. They’re not, and haven’t been for the years you’ve been answering Bluetooth questions in this way.

Even if you have thought of some amazing features over Bluetooth that you don’t want your competitors to implement before you… No one cares while there are basic features outstanding. And the basic feature is midi over Bluetooth. In which case, stop with “wait and see” answers. Say “no development work is happening on Bluetooth at present, but wireless MIDI is on the road map”.


Wireless midi isn’t important to me (unless you can convince me why it would be). BT control of the Aeros touch screen via my phone would be awesome. But just having full (wired) midi control available would be very much appreciated.

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Wireless MIDI is important to you. Once singular add decent MIDI control to aeros, then wireless MIDI is exactly how you get what you’re describing. Pretty much for free (in terms of singular’s development effort).

If they implement a proprietary control method you’ll have to wait for their proprietary app to get what you’re asking for.