Bought Used BB didn't come with memory card

So i got a used BB and the foot switch, but it came with no memory card. Is it useless ? Please Help !

Do these things in the order below:

  1. Read the quick start guide and user manual for the BeatBuddy (BB) by clicking on the link in blue text resources
  2. Order a 32Gb SDHC class 10 card and when it arrives make sure the new SD card is unlocked (you don’t need to format it as it’s ready out of the wrapper)
  3. Download, unzip and copy the firmware from resources to your SD card; use your computer SD slot to do so;
  4. Download and install the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) from
  5. Download and unzip the Default BeatBuddy Content v2.0 from Download SD Card backup v2.0
  6. Copy the content of the Default BeatBuddy Content v2.0 to your SD card.
  7. Launch the BBM and from the File > Open > Project and navigate to your SD card; accept the prompt to save the project files to your computer.

…and post this in the BB Support forum instead of the Aeros forum.


Ok, thank you. Im new here and gettin use to the site.

Just to be clear i can order any kind of SD card that fits the beat buddy right. Dosent have to be the BB one for 199.99 ?

Correct. The $199 Singular one comes with all the standard content and the complete premium library as well – that’s why it’s $199. You’re paying for the content.

If you have any SD cards hanging around in your junk drawer, pretty good chance you’ll be able to use it. Then follow @persist’s advice from the thread you started (accidentally, I’m betting) on the Aeros forum.

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thank you all

32gb card is the maximum size that the BB will support, by the way.