Bpm change


I’m not going very often on the site so i don’t know exactly if this problematic could go forward.
For example, i’ve got the song ‘walk all over you’ from ac/dc that i took from guitar pro file format and migrate using midi export through reaper to bb.
Start and chorus part of the song are with bpm 81.
Verse and solo with bpm 162.
The only way until now i found to switch tempo is to turn the right button on the bb.
But i play guitar in the same time and it’s not easy to do it pefectly.
Is something easier or automatic exist ?

Best regards

just use the half time or double time on the (additional footswitch)
if you go from 81 to 182 use double time
If you go from 162 to 81 use the half time

You have more options:

  1. Walk All Over You - DOP, OPB and these songs are one-press format.

  2. Since you transcribe MIDI files with Reaper, you can trim the MIDI in the sections where the BPM changes; enter the 81 BPM in the Intro section of your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and the 162 BPM in a Main Drums Loop section. Note in my link above that the song has several tempo changes throughout.

  3. Apply time stretching using your DAW.